Brain scans help predict response to antipsychotics

Investigators at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have discovered that brain scans can be used to predict patients’ response to antipsychotic drug treatment. The findings are published online in […]


Model captures both shape and speed of tumor growth

They’re among the most powerful tools for demonstrating how cancer grows and spreads, but mathematical models of the disease have always faced an either/or problem. Models for capturing the spatial […]


Four-Day School Week Can Improve Academic Performance

Shortening the school week to four days has a positive impact on elementary school students’ academic performance in mathematics, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Montana State University. […]


Can rain clean the atmosphere?

Study explains how rain droplets attract aerosols out of the atmosphere. As a raindrop falls through the atmosphere, it can attract tens to hundreds of tiny aerosol particles to its […]