Dog disease in lions spread by multiple species

Dog disease in lions spread by multiple species

Canine distemper, a viral disease that’s been infecting the famed lions of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, appears to be spread by multiple animal species, according to a study published by […]

Climate puzzle over origins of life on Earth

Early Mesoamericans affected by climate change

Scientists have reconstructed the past climate for the region around Cantona, a large fortified city in highland Mexico, and found the population drastically declined in the past, at least in […]


Things smell good for a reason

Fruit flies use olfactory cues to detect healthy antioxidants in their food Antioxidants are natural food ingredients that protect cells from harmful influences. Their main task is to neutralize so-called […]

Using stem cells to grow new hair

Using stem cells to grow new hair

In a new study from Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham), researchers have used human pluripotent stem cells to generate new hair. The study represents the first step toward the development […]

Participation in a cultural activity may reduce prejudice

Retreat of multiculturalism ‘is a myth’

Perceptions of a decline in multiculturalism as a means of integrating ethnic minorities are unfounded, research led at the University of Strathclyde has found. The study, comparing citizenship programs in […]

easter island

Easter Island mystery

A UCSB geographer teams up with archaeologists to clarify factors that contributed to the demise of early Rapa Nui society Long before the Europeans arrived on Easter Island in 1722, […]


Is the medical match fair?

Study finds the demand for positions strongly influences medical residents’ salaries. When medical-school graduates apply for their residencies, they use a centralized clearinghouse that matches applicants with jobs. This system […]