Orphaned boys as vulnerable to abuse as girls

Orphaned children in low- and middle-income countries face a high risk of trauma, with physical and sexual abuse being by far the most prevalent traumatic events. New research shows that […]

Dead feeder cells support stem cell growth

Dead feeder cells support stem cell growth

Stem cells naturally cling to feeder cells as they grow in petri dishes. Scientists have thought for years that this attachment occurs because feeder cells serve as a support system, […]

Why Some Soldiers Develop PTSD While Others Don’t

Personal growth follows trauma for most soldiers

More than half of soldiers who experience trauma also report strong psychological benefits, such as stronger intimate relationships, spiritual growth, and a greater appreciation of life because of their difficult […]

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Study Sheds New Light on Brain’s Source of Power

New research published today in the journal Nature Communications represents a potentially fundamental shift in our understanding of how nerve cells in the brain generate the energy needed to function. The […]


Boiling down viscous flow

A new simplified model predicts patterns that form from honey-like fluids. Drizzling honey on toast can produce mesmerizing, meandering patterns, as the syrupy fluid ripples and coils in a sticky, […]


Penn study sees changing faces of beauty

Beauty, it has been said, is in the eye of the beholder. People’s opinions on what constitutes an attractive face changes over time and from place to place. A new […]