AIDS Drug Also Offers Protection Against Malaria

Children with HIV/AIDS in Africa are at a higher-than-average risk for another deadly disease: malaria. But a team of Yale School of Public Health researchers has discovered that people taking […]


Study: Industrial clusters fuel economies

New study shows clusters, across fields, help growth, jobs, and innovation. Experts have long theorized that having a cluster of firms within a given industry helps a region’s economy grow. […]


Instant-start computers possible with new advance

To encode data, today’s computer memory technology uses electric currents – a major limiting factor for reliability and shrinkability, and the source of significant power consumption. If data could instead […]


‘Tis the season to be shameless

I received two nice holiday gifties: My recent essay on race, genetics, and the Nicholas Wade affair heads up Nature’s top 10 list of Books & Arts pieces for 2014. <blows […]


Life on an aquaplanet

MIT study finds an exoplanet, tilted on its side, could still be habitable if covered in ocean. Nearly 2,000 planets beyond our solar system have been identified to date. Whether […]


Of Bugs and Brains

Brain structures devoted to learning and memory are highly conserved in the animal kingdom, suggesting a common evolutionary origin. Whether you’re cramming for an exam or just trying to remember […]