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Neuroscience explains the ‘brain freeze’

‘Brain freeze’ is a nearly universal experience—almost everyone has felt the near-instantaneous headache brought on by a bite of ice cream or slurp of ice-cold soda on the upper palate. […]

Oxygen-Deprived Baby Rats Fare Worse When Kept Warm

Premature infants’ immature lungs and frequent dips in blood pressure make them especially vulnerable to a condition called hypoxia in which their tissues don’t receive enough oxygen, sometimes leading to […]

Pregnant moms ‘program’ babies to be fat

New research in mice indicates that babies born to moms who eat a high-fat diet before and during pregnancy have a higher fat mass and smaller livers than babies whose […]

Obesity creates wimpy rats

Obesity appears to impair normal muscle function in rats, an observation that could have significant implications for humans, according to Penn State researchers. “Our findings demonstrate that obesity involves more […]

The science behind the cape

Bethesda, Md. (Mar. 8, 2011) — What do you have when you line up a martial artist, acrobatic gymnast, police officer, firefighter, NASCAR driver, and NFL running back? “Watson,” the […]