Switching On One-Shot Learning in the Brain

Switching On One-Shot Learning in the Brain

Most of the time, we learn only gradually, incrementally building connections between actions or events and outcomes. But there are exceptions—every once in a while, something happens and we immediately learn to associate that stimulus with a result. For example,...
Watching black holes merge

Watching black holes merge

Unusual Light Signal Yields Clues About Elusive Black Hole Merger The central regions of many glittering galaxies, our own Milky Way included, harbor cores of impenetrable darkness—black holes with masses equivalent to millions, or even billions, of suns. What is...

Hunting Massive Stars with Herschel

In this new view of a vast star-forming cloud called W3, the Herschel space observatory tells the story of how massive stars are born. Herschel is a European Space Agency mission with important NASA contributions. W3 is a giant gas cloud containing an enormous stellar...

Skin cancer treatment may get a big boost

A new study of genetically modified immune cells by scientists from UCLA and the California Institute of Technology could help improve a promising treatment for melanoma, an often fatal form of skin cancer. The research, which appears March 21 in the advance online...

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