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The rise and fall of cognitive skills

Scientists have long known that our ability to think quickly and recall information, also known as fluid intelligence, peaks around age 20 and then begins a slow decline. However, more […]


Quick test for Ebola

Simple paper strip can diagnose Ebola and other fevers within 10 minutes When diagnosing a case of Ebola, time is of the essence. However, existing diagnostic tests take at least […]


New nanogel for drug delivery

Self-healing gel can be injected into the body and act as a long-term drug depot. Scientists are interested in using gels to deliver drugs because they can be molded into […]


Smarter multicore chips

New approach to distributing computations could make multicore chips much faster. Computer chips’ clocks have stopped getting faster. To keep delivering performance improvements, chipmakers are instead giving chips more processing […]


Epigenomics of Alzheimer’s disease progression

Study of epigenomic modifications reveals immune basis of Alzheimer’s disease. Our susceptibility to disease depends both on the genes that we inherit from our parents and on our lifetime experiences. […]


Taking technology from the lab to the patient

After finishing his PhD in molecular genetics in the late 1990s, Daniel Anderson found himself conflicted about what to do next: He enjoyed science, but wanted to find a way […]


Evaluating strategies for HIV vaccination

Study yields insight into generating antibodies that target different strains of HIV. Through an investigation of a fundamental process that guides the maturation of immune cells, researchers have revealed new […]


Diamonds could help bring proteins into focus

Proteins are the building blocks of all living things, and they exist in virtually unlimited varieties, most of whose highly complex structures have not yet been determined. Those structures could […]


Wrinkle predictions

New mathematical theory may explain patterns in fingerprints, raisins, and microlenses. As a grape slowly dries and shrivels, its surface creases, ultimately taking on the wrinkled form of a raisin. […]