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To handle big data, shrink it

Algorithm reduces size of data sets while preserving their mathematical properties. As anyone who’s ever used a spreadsheet can attest, it’s often convenient to organize data into tables. But in […]


Taking control of light emission

Researchers find a way of tuning light waves by pairing two exotic 2-D materials. Researchers have found a way to couple the properties of different two-dimensional materials to provide an […]


Translating thought to print with spider silk

Spider silk has long been noted for its graceful structure, as well as its advanced material properties: Ounce for ounce, it is stronger than steel. MIT research has explained some […]


Seeing gender

MIT neuroscientists pinpoint neurons that help primates tell faces apart. How do primates, including humans, tell faces apart? Scientists have long attributed this ability to so-called “face-detector” (FD) neurons, thought […]


How some beetles produce a scalding defensive spray

Bombardier beetles, which exist on every continent except Antarctica, have a pretty easy life. Virtually no other animals prey on them, because of one particularly effective defense mechanism: When disturbed […]


New tabletop detector sees single electrons

MIT physicists have developed a new tabletop particle detector that is able to identify single electrons in a radioactive gas. As the gas decays and gives off electrons, the detector […]