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New insights into how genes turn on and off

Researchers at UC Davis and the University of British Columbia have shed new light on methylation, a critical process that helps control how genes are expressed. Working with placentas, the […]


Lovers’ hearts beat in sync, UC Davis study says

When modern-day crooner Trey Songz sings, “Cause girl, my heart beats for you,” in his romantic ballad, “Flatline,” his lyrics could be telling a tale that’s as much physiological as […]


Does probability come from quantum physics?

Ever since Austrian scientist Erwin Schrodinger put his unfortunate cat in a box, his fellow physicists have been using something called quantum theory to explain and understand the nature of […]

Engineered bacteria make fuel from sunlight

Chemists at the University of California, Davis, have engineered blue-green algae to grow chemical precursors for fuels and plastics — the first step in replacing fossil fuels as raw materials […]


Young California voters shun party affiliation

Young adults in California registered to vote in record numbers in 2012, especially online, driving a trend toward no party affiliation, according to a new University of California, Davis, study. […]


Meteorite triggered scientific gold rush

A meteorite that exploded as a fireball over California’s Sierra foothills this past spring was among the fastest, rarest meteorites known to have hit the Earth, and it traveled a […]

Benjamin Davis is a scientist at the UC Davis Center for Health and Environment and first author of the study that found statins can reduce lung inflammation.

Statins protect lungs from damage caused by smoking

Every four minutes, someone in the U.S. dies from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD –the incurable pulmonary disorder usually caused by smoking. COPD is the third highest cause of death in […]