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City layout key to predicting riots

In the future police will be able to predict the spread of riots, and how they impact on cities, thanks to a new computer model. Developed by researchers at UCL, […]


Living cells behave like fluid-filled sponges

Animal cells behave like fluid-filled sponges in response to being mechanically deformed according to new research published today in Nature Materials. Scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at […]

heliconius wing

Butterfly genome explains wing pattern diversity

Pooling funds and putting their heads together, more than 70 scientists from 9 institutions including the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, sequenced the entire genome of the butterfly genus Heliconius, a […]


Africa sitting on vast reservoir of water

A scattergun approach to borehole drilling in Africa is likely to be unsuccessful. This is the message from a group of UK researchers who have, for the first time, quantified […]

Aging, overweight people stay happy

Growing older and being overweight are not necessarily associated with a decrease in mental well-being, according to a cross-cultural study looking at quality of life and health status in the […]

Gimme drugs, gimme drugs

Since mephedrone was made illegal in the UK in 2010, the street price of the drug has risen while the quality has degraded, which in turn may have reduced use […]