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Building a market for algorithms

The digital world depends on algorithms — sets of detailed instructions that computers follow to solve problems. Algorithms determine the ads we see on the Internet, matchmaking on OKCupid and the […]


Social gaming promotes healthy behavior

Adding social gaming elements to a behavior tracking program led people to exercise more frequently and helped them decrease their body-mass index, according to new research from the USC School […]

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Social science + engineering = help for dying languages

Many of the world’s languages are disappearing. David Chiang wants to do something about that. Chiang, USC Viterbi research assistant professor and computational linguist at the USC Information Sciences Institute, […]


Los Angeles is no longer a city of newcomers

Los Angeles — a city of newcomers? Not anymore, according to new demographic projections released today by USC’s Population Dynamics Research Group. The report, “The Generational Future of Los Angeles: Projections to […]