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New plan proposed to send humans to Mars

New plan proposed to send humans to Mars

A new, cost-constrained U.S. strategy to send humans on Mars, could be achieved within projected NASA budgets by minimizing new developments and relying mainly on already available or planned NASA […]

Spiral arms cradle baby terrestrial planets

Spiral arms cradle baby terrestrial planets

New work from Carnegie’s Alan Boss offers a potential solution to a longstanding problem in the prevailing theory of how rocky planets formed in our own Solar System, as well […]

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Seeing more deeply with laser light

A human skull, on average, is about 0.3 inches thick, or roughly the depth of the latest smartphone. Human skin, on the other hand, is about 0.1 inches, or about […]


Galactic crashes fuel quasars, study finds

When galaxies collide, bright things happen in the universe. Using the Hubble Space Telescope’s infrared vision, astronomers have unveiled some of the previously hidden origins of quasars, the brightest objects […]

Black Holes Grow

What’s on the surface of a black hole?

Are black holes the ruthless killers we’ve made them out to be? Samir Mathur says no. According to the professor of physics at The Ohio State University, the recently proposed […]