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Instant-start computers possible with new advance

To encode data, today’s computer memory technology uses electric currents – a major limiting factor for reliability and shrinkability, and the source of significant power consumption. If data could instead […]


The simplest element: Turning hydrogen into ‘graphene’

New work from Carnegie’s Ivan Naumov and Russell Hemley delves into the chemistry underlying some surprising recent observations about hydrogen, and reveals remarkable parallels between hydrogen and graphene under extreme […]


New way to turn genes on

Technique allows rapid, large-scale studies of gene function. Using a gene-editing system originally developed to delete specific genes, MIT researchers have now shown that they can reliably turn on any […]


More-flexible digital communication

New theory could yield more-reliable communication protocols. Communication protocols for digital devices are very efficient but also very brittle: They require information to be specified in a precise order with […]


Engineering with a side of origami

Origami is capable of turning a simple sheet of paper into a pretty paper crane, but the principles behind the paper-folding art can also be applied to making a microfluidic […]


Diagnosing Disease Before Symptoms Strike

In October 2014, nurse Kaci Hickox returned to her home in Maine after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone with the group Doctors Without Borders. State officials ordered her to […]


Hunting for dark matter in a gold mine

Distinctively timed flashes of light in a vat of xenon might betray the presence of dark-matter particles “What really impressed me was the trip down,” said astrophysicist James Buckley, PhD, […]


Military Helping the NFL to Combat Brain Injury

Army soldier-protection experts at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have received a $500,000 grant from the NFL, Under Armour and GE’s Head Health Challenge II initiative that will assist its […]