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What Americans fear most

Chapman University has initiated the first comprehensive nationwide study on what strikes fear in Americans in the first of what is a planned annual study. According to the Chapman poll, […]

Vote early and often!

The blog 3 Quarks Daily is running a contest for the best science-related blog post, and Genotopia has been twice nominated! Go to their voting page and vote for either #24 (Hail Britannia!) or #25 […]

Is the universe a bubble? Let's check

Is the universe a bubble? Let’s check

Never mind the big bang; in the beginning was the vacuum. The vacuum simmered with energy (variously called dark energy, vacuum energy, the inflation field, or the Higgs field). Like […]


Human Mortality, Individual and Collective

It has been a major triumph of human civilization: Never before in evolutionary history has a species lifted itself from Darwin’s Struggle for Existence, and created a safe, secure environment […]