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Cosmic slurp: Predicting black hole eating binges

Georgia Tech researchers use supercomputers to understand and predict signs of black holes swallowing stars Somewhere out in the cosmos an ordinary galaxy spins, seemingly at slumber. Then all of […]


Study Finds Phrases that Pay on Kickstarter

Researchers at Georgia Tech studying the burgeoning phenomenon of crowdfunding have learned that the language used in online fundraising hold surprisingly predictive power about the success of such campaigns. As […]

robot face

Putting a face on a robot

What does the assistive robot of the future look like? It depends. A new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology finds that older and younger people have varying preferences […]


Encryption is less secure than we thought

Information theory — the discipline that gave us digital communication and data compression — also put cryptography on a secure mathematical foundation. Since 1948, when the paper that created information […]

nano light

Nanosensor turns pressure into light

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology want to put your signature up in lights – tiny lights, that is. Using thousands of nanometer-scale wires, the researchers have developed a […]

Coming Media Megatrends in FutureMedia Outlook 2012

The coming years will bring increased personalization, innovation and flexibility in the media landscape, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology. These findings were announced in today’s release of the […]

How cells remove bits of RNA from DNA strands

When RNA component units called ribonucleotides become embedded in genomic DNA, which contains the complete genetic data for an organism, they can cause problems for cells. It is known that […]


Improving the flow of visitors at public venues

More than 1,800 visitors can move smoothly through the Georgia Aquarium’s new AT&T Dolphin Tales exhibit, entering and leaving through the same set of doors. Their experience is not by […]