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Chimp empathy key to understanding human engagement

In their latest study about empathy, Yerkes National Primate Research Center researchers Matthew Campbell, PhD, and Frans de Waal, PhD, have shown chimpanzees exhibit flexibility in their empathy, just as […]


Israelis find reeaaaally old fireplace hearth

It’s generally reckoned that early man “discovered” fire somewhere around a million years ago, but it’s still unclear when he began to control and use it. Chiming in, scientists from […]


Shark, human proteins stunningly similar

Despite widespread fascination with sharks, the world’s oldest ocean predators have long been a genetic mystery. The first deep dive into a great white shark’s genetic code has fished up […]

New evidence suggests Neanderthals organized their living spaces

Neanderthals kept their homes organized & tidy

Scientists have found that Neanderthals organized their living spaces in ways that would be familiar to modern humans, a discovery that once again shows similarities between these two close cousins. […]

Implantable slimming aid

Scientists create an implantable slimming aid

Humankind has a weight problem – and not only in industrialized nations: The growing prosperity in many Asian or Latin American countries goes hand in hand with a way of […]