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Stanford engineers make first working prototype for memory chip ideal for mobile devices

New memory chip ideal for mobile devices

In an engineering first, Stanford researchers have built a working prototype for a new type of memory chip that has the potential to store more data, using less space, than […]


New micro water sensor can aid growers

Crop growers, wine grape and other fruit growers, food processors and even concrete makers all benefit from water sensors for accurate, steady and numerous moisture readings. But current sensors are […]

Researchers build an all-optical transistor

Researchers build an all-optical transistor

Optical computing — using light rather than electricity to perform calculations — could pay dividends for both conventional computers and quantum computers, largely hypothetical devices that could perform some types […]


The first molybdenite microchip

After having revealed the electronic advantages of molybdenite, EPFL researchers have now taken the next definitive step. The Laboratory of Nanoscale Electronics and Structures (LANES) has made a chip, or […]