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Reprogrammed stem cells hit a roadblock

It’s a discordant note in the symphony of good news that usually accompanies stem cell research announcements. Stem cells hold enormous promise in regenerative medicine, thanks to their ability to […]

Brains need love, too

Mom’s touch and diet — Claire-Dominique Walker, PhD, director, Neuroscience Research Division, Douglas Institute. The quality and quantity of maternal milk and maternal-infant contact impact the stress response of the […]

Migraine surgery offers good long-term outcomes

Surgery to “deactivate” migraine headaches produces lasting good results, with nearly 90 percent of patients having at least partial relief at five years’ follow-up, reports a study in the February […]

Putting the dead to work

Conservation paleobiologists–scientists who use the fossil record to understand the evolutionary and ecological responses of present-day species to changes in their environment–are putting the dead to work. A new review […]