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Study finds gout drug may reduce risk of death

In a recently to be published study in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, researchers have found the use of the drug allopurinol was associated with a reduced risk of death in […]


Stroke patients may benefit from new routines

People who have suffered a stroke often experience severe fatigue. But doctors find it hard to help these patients as their experiences of fatigue may not necessarily be caused by […]


How seeing the same doctor helps your health

Patients are more likely to raise a health problem with a doctor they’ve seen over time and have built-up a relationship with, new research has revealed. The insight comes as […]

Chicken pox vaccine saving children's lives

Well-child visits make lots of kids sick

New research shows that well-child doctor appointments for annual exams and vaccinations are associated with an increased risk of flu-like illnesses in children and family members within two weeks of […]

Exercise Improves Depression In Parkinson's Patients - See more at- http-_medicalcenter.osu.edu_mediaroom_releases_Pages_Ohio-State-Study-Shows-Exercise-Improves-Depression-In-Parkinsons

Exercise Improves Depression In Parkinson’s

A new study by a movement disorder neurologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that depression improved among patients with Parkinson’s disease who participated in a long-term […]


The doctor will email you now, and patients like it

Patients like it and so do health organizations, but electronic communications in clinical care will likely not be widely adopted by primary care physicians unless patient workloads are reduced or […]