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Outgoing behavior makes for happier humans

Across cultures, extroverts have more fun Happy is as happy does, apparently—for human beings all over the world. Not only does acting extroverted lead to more positive feelings across several […]


Surprise superconductor in carbon disulfide

Superconductivity is a rare physical state in which matter is able to conduct electricity—maintain a flow of electrons—without any resistance. This phenomenon can only be found in certain materials under […]


Researchers call for easing of interplanetary contamination rules

Two university researchers say environmental restrictions have become unnecessarily restrictive and expensive—on Mars. Writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, astrobiologists Alberto Fairén of Cornell University and Dirk Schulze-Makuch of Washington […]

Paranoid feelings might surface on holidays

Millions of families will get together this holiday season, yet millions of siblings, parents and children will find themselves pushing each other’s buttons. New research at Washington State University provides […]