New Age of Space Travel

According to NY times(www.nytimes.com/2006/02/18/science/18space.html) Ansari Family who support Ansari X-prize for first nongovernmental space flight, join with some agencies in Russia for business space travels.
The first lunch in this project scheduled before 2008 and according to Ansari family Ras-ol-khyme in UAE host of the first Space port of the world.
It seems that new age of space travel beginning and we challenge in this case with many more problems.
Until now all space mission except few personal travel to ISS, have scientific goals but when business travels and space tourism grow up maybe we need more space lows that draw limitation of personal use from outer space.
Unfortunately it seems that with the growing of space tourism we lost one of the most important meaning in the sky and that is” unlimited and un binderies sky”

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