Herpes virus and MS

Since I was dx.with MS (1994)I have put some things together. I’ve always had cold sores when I’ve had a fever. I had chickenpox when I was 7. I became a nurse. Everytime I was exposed to chickenpox I came down with shingles. I believe that the herpies virus has had something to do with it. Any opinions?

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18 thoughts on “Herpes virus and MS”

  1. After reading, reading and rereading The Cure is In The Cupboard by Cass Ingram, I started giving my husband 10 drops of oil of oregano (p73 brand) in the morning and at night for about 3 months or more for overall health, parasite etc. and we just realized it’s been over a year since a herpes outbreak on his lip for him!!! holly wow! He’s always had them and gets at least 4x a year…when super stressed etc. and belive me this last year has been one of the most stressfull for us – new move, new baby, new rocky starting business for him, no money, millions of dollar lawsuit against us etc. etc. and NO cold sore! We are back on the oil of oregano again during the winter months as a preventative for colds and flus. Seriously this stuff is good for everything…I know there are lots of different brands but I really like this one as it kind of goes with the book and I can give it to the kids ;-)

  2. i have ms. my daughter had mono. iget cold sores all the time when i am stressed. there is a strong link with virus to ms. acts like a virus with me charlene

  3. please can you supply very specific details as I am not a chemist and want to make this safely at home as I am concerned by the quality available from suppliers, Many Thanks, kind Regards, Pat

  4. I’m sorry I need to add. I was never sexually active & I married my husband. A fine, upstanding man. The only way I could have gotten Herpes was with him & that was not possible.

  5. I was diagnosed with MS in April, 1980. I was a virgin for 19 years. I had no sexual contact. I did kiss once or twice. Could I have gotten herpes?

  6. This summmer 2007 I was diagnosed with vasculitis (microscopic polyarteritis nodosa). I was given the medicine you mentioned. You said it happened when you were 52. How old are you now?
    I ask because I wonder about the prognosis for survival when treated.
    I don’t know if I should expect to be dead in five years or if I should expect the illness to go into permanent remission.
    I too have food allergies but doctors claim there is no connection.
    I am a Canadian living and working in South Korea.
    What country were you in when diagnosed?
    God Bless You,
    Nodosa Girl

  7. Just a word to the wise. Science Blog is not a place to get medical advice. You should talk to your doctor. It is a place to point people to current research in the field. No one should — UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES — base their treatment on what they read here. Only you and your doctor can decide on a safe approach. Again, do not do what people here say. Talk to your doctor about what they say and then make an informed decision.

    Here ends the sermon.

  8. I know this is not the thrust of your point, but I can’t help pointing you towards niacinimide when you get outbreaks of cold sores. My teenage daughters have had sporadic problems with cold sores since they had chicken pox when they were toddlers. Niacinimide has always gotten ridden of the problem. In the most recent episode, my daughter got a mouth sore that even the dentist threw his hands up about–he didn’t know how to fix it. I finally thought to try niacinimide, and within a few hours her pain was gone–the sore was gone within two days. Try 500 mg 4 times a day. I wonder if it might help with shingles in general?

  9. Hi,

    My deepest sympathy. Shingles is no fun, and it must be even worse with MS.

    Shingles is an outbreak of the Herpes Zoster virus, which is the chickenpox you had as a child. It hibernates in the spine until your immune system degrades enough for it to break out again.

    There are no effective drugs against shingles, or most other viruses for that matter. The few drugs that may help have terrible side effects.

    I got shingles in 2001 and found colloidal silver stopped the infection immediately. I posted a report at


    (Caution – very graphic images)

    The shingles infection returned a year later, but the colloidal silver I was making at the time had little effect.

    I did more research and found how to make a much stronger concentration. This killed the virus immediately and it has not returned. I have since developed the theoretical description that explains the electrolysis process in detail, and used it to further increase the silver ion concentration. This increases the effectiveness.

    Silver ions are a very powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent, and are the only effective means of killing viruses such as cold sores and the flu. Many cancers are caused by viruses, and silver ions have proven effective in stopping these cancers. There are no side effects if it is taken sublingually (10 minutes minimum) then discarded.

    Various sites including Quackwatch claim you risk getting Arygyria (blue skin) taking silver. This is not true. The risk is only with silver compounds, such as silver nitrate, silver chloride, silver acetate, mild silver protein (MSP), etc.

    Silver ions by themselves are rapidly removed in the liver and do not have the ability to cause Argyria.

    As another poster has noted, the EBV is now implicated in MS. Silver ions at a concentration of 30 parts per million may be effective in stopping the virus.

    I believe this will be our only real hope against the next viral pandemic the experts are predicting.

    I will soon post a web site discussing various methods of generating silver ions in solution, with the typical performance and limitations of each method, including my latest high-performance version. The descriptions will include detailed schematics and different methods of confirming the ion concentration. You can make this at home very inexpensively.

    If anyone is interested, I will post a note here when the site is available. Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Monett

  10. I also had chickenpox as a child and have had cold sores off and on, which recently I discovered disappear right away when I swish water with suspended acidophilus around my mouth (I can’t eat dairy foods). At age 52 I was diagnosed with small vessel vasculitis, which was treated with cyclophosphamide and prednisone for a year by which time my ANCA antibodies were gone. However I still had skin vasculitis which I treated topically. It was worsening when I broke out with shingles and was totally gone within two weeks and has never returned. This was well documented because I by chance had scheduled a vasculitis biopsy (which turned out positive) and that same day the dermatologist diagnosed my shingles.

  11. There are currently quite a few viruses that are *associated* with MS. The problem is that almost everyone has these viruses (VZV, EBV, CMV, HHV6+7), so finding people that have MS but not these viruses is extremely difficult. It’s like saying that getting a spot on your hand is a symptom of infection with one these agents. Test everyone with a spot on thier hands and low and behold they have had a prior EBV infection. EBV must cause hand spots! If you recall, a big study was done in the 80’s trying to link EBV (and in the 90’s HHV6) with Cronic Fatigue Syndrome (it was even called Epstein-Barr Syndrome for a while). It turns out that eventually they found a few folks that had CFS but not EBV.

    While in the case of MS it is not that simple, of course, it may be possible that abberrant immune responses to various viruses may induce the autoimmunity to myelin basic protein which is hallmark in MS. This *suggests* that the *cause* of MS is not these viruses themselves, rather a lack of proper deletion of auto-reactive immune cells in certain people. The viruses may provide antigen to the immune system that might look something like Myelin, resulting in the generation of antibody that would react against Myelin. Most people would be able to delete those self-reactive B cells and block the autoimmunity that leads to MS.

    I am a herpesviologist and only dabble in immunological studies (it is a tool for me, not really my discipline). I admit it is is very hard to fufill Koch’s postulates for MS. The animal model of EAE *might* be fully analogous to MS, but it might not be.

    Regarding the Chickenpox/Shingles episodes you have – VZV reactivation (shingles) is controlled by the immune system. People who get shingles tend to be transiently immunosupressed (caused by everything from HIV/Lymphoma to benign things like “stress”). I don’t think it is out of the question that the reaction to MS might “mess up” your immunity a bit to allow the exposure of new VZV to induce reactivation of your latent VZV.

    That said, I came across this paper:

    Are you taking any drugs to combat the symptoms of MS? There is evidence that those drugs may be responsible for the transient immunosupression that can lead to shingles reactivation.

    Hope this helps a bit, maybe it’s confusing. Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, I am a research scientist, so if I suggested you take something – don’t do it.

  12. I did a simple Google search on the words in your headline and came up with the following article, Herpes Virus Strain Identified as a Trigger in Multiple Sclerosis, from the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. From the article: ” A strain of reactivated herpes virus may be associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own tissues. This is the first published large-scale study suggesting an association of a human herpes virus in the disease process of MS.”

  13. I believe there’s a correlation between Eppstein-Barr virus (also a member of the herpesviridae) infection and MS. Maybe your immune system is particularly vulneralbe to that type of virus. Since most people get infected with EBV early on in their lives (the symptoms are called infectious mononucleosis or mono), there’s a possibility that it contributed to the development of MS in your case.
    Did you have ‘mono’ when you were younger?

    It’s an interesting theory you have there, at any rate.

  14. I am new to this site. I too have had Shingles. Nothing helped. My husband is an avid Silver fan. He practically forced it down me and I got a lot better. It has been a year now and It still comes back, or should I say it tries to come back. The second I feel it I take Silver and it goes away. I found your post helpful in that I may not be using a Stong enough silver. We make it ourselves.
    Silver has one very bad side effect for me. I developed acid reflux. The silver kills the good bugs as well as the bad. I now take a probiotic accidopholus pill twice a day. It has helped the reflux. Thanks, again Linda

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