Glamour Magazine Joins the War Against the War on Science

Sneak a look at the May cover of Glamour magazine if you want to learn about “12 Sexual Experiences Every Man and Woman Should Have,” “16 Rapid Beauty Fixes” or how to have “A Sexy Body at Any Size!” The young college-educated women the magazine caters to also can learn “Why Doctors Can’t Give You the Care You Deserve.”

In a scathing review of the Bush Administration’s assault against medical science – opposition to emergency birth control and propagating false data about abstinence-only sex education, about STDs, about condoms and about abortion – Glamour accuses the government of telling “lies about women’s health.” The article quotes Kaiser Permanente’s director of women’s health services for northern California as telling her patients the government is no longer a credible source of health information.

None of these are new revelations to those whose libraries of scholarly policy journals do not usually include Glamour. But they are new to the Jennifers, Jessicas and Amandas born in the ’70s and ’80s who already know the personal is political. And maybe to the Barbaras and Jennas, as well.

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