The Air Remains Dirty … and So, Apparently, Does the Sex

In recent days, we had two examples of legitimate research being disparaged on grounds that not enough data were collected – as if enough ever could be.

In one instance, state and federal regulators have scientifically determined that adding catalytic converters to gasoline-powered lawn mowers would drastically cut air pollution without harming anyone. But Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, who represents lawn mower engine-maker Briggs & Stratton, has legislated the facts away, prohibiting converters until even more studies are done, studies including those influenced by the company.

In another case, right-wing anti-sex crusaders at the Concerned Women of America cast aspersions on a ” Harvard study,(backed up by data from other sources ) showing that teens who take “virginity pledges” don’t really mean it.

Yes, the critics are right that the large data set is old, but they mock reality when they say it contradicts “trends we have been seeing in recent years.” Where is their data?

Actually the only trend we have been seeing in recent years is the one in which opponents of clean air and of sexual health ignore the facts, make up their own studies and pollute both.

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