New Nanotechnology based Optical Data Storage

Subwavelength Optical Data Storage

Including “Articulated Optical DVD” (AO-DVD) & NanoGrating DVD” (NG-DVD).

Use of deterministic reflective structures with at least one principal structural feature that is smaller than the wavelength of light to alter the basic properties of that light (reflected amplitude, polarization, phase, wavelength and spatial orientation multiplexing) to encode data in a massively multi-level format.

A technology that could be the standard for content distribution for the 21st century.

Several peer reviewed journal articles on topic at this site.


1 thought on “New Nanotechnology based Optical Data Storage”

  1. My research team has developed a radically new X-ray-based Optical Memory (X-ROM) with digital data density of one terabyte (TB = 1024 GB) per square inch of the storage medium surface. The digital data storage density using the proposed technique is higher by two orders of magnitude than the volumetric data density achieved for a volumetric (3D) optical data storage medium for the 20 nm/bit linear size of the single-bit domain.

    You can learn more details on this exciting new technology, dubbed “X-ROM”, from our organization’s web site: (also you can view our introductory presentation on this technology in PDF format at


    R&D Team

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