NASA Wants Your Innovative Ideas

NASA is seeking proposals for creating and managing innovative activities, events, products, services and other education methods for increasing America’s science and technological literacy.

One objective of this request for entrepreneurial offers is to distribute information nationally about the agency’s programs and projects. NASA’s intent is to enter into partnerships that will result in the establishment of one or more non-reimbursable Space Act Agreements with organizations.

In exchange for a collaborator’s investment to creatively distribute NASA information, the agency will consider negotiating brand placement, limited exclusivity and other opportunities as part of a strategic collaboration.

NASA continues to strengthen the nation’s education programs and support the country’s educators, who inspire, prepare and encourage young minds. The agency plans to establish long-term relationships with stakeholders to increase the nation’s science and technology literacy.

For information about the response for entrepreneurial offers, visit:


For information about NASA’s education programs, visit:


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38 thoughts on “NASA Wants Your Innovative Ideas”

  1. I know that NASA is exellant.I just want to say that my thoughts are quit simmilar to your thoughts.It is very dangerous to us that space shuttles are polluting the space by a lot of garbage.The ozone layer will be broken or damaged in few years.pleas take a action ..

  2. i it today i was thinking that NASA should try sending a camera
    rubberband ball into a black hole because rubberbands are are strechy.

  3. its great that NASA is doing a great job in space research but u know day by day pollution level is going up and these space shuttles contribute a lot to it.Its important to do something to improve the ozone condition.find a process to reduce air pollution.we need take a immmediate action to control it otherwise we will be in lot of trouble..

  4. I agree with Mr. Bittick in the fact that we need to start researching better ways of getting to the stars first. However, with all the hoopla about being visited by aliens it dawns on me that they may not wish to communicate with us untill we get our own planet straight.
    I mean think about it, You’re an advanced civilization watching what looks like a planet full of monkeys run around killing themselves. What we see as everyday life they can see as an ifectious species.
    I have no doubt that they will call upon us in the future but it won’t be untill we get our s**t straightened out. So let’s put our funding and research to good uses and get us up to the stars. In the mean time I think we need to try and get along quite a bit better before thinking about communicating with an advanced civilization.

  5. In a recent discussion forum, we were talking about possibilities of life on other planets. The subject of Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence or S.E.T.I. (for short) came up.
    The discussion was fairly split. Some loyal to the cause of SETI and believe firmly in what they are doing, and those that thought it was a total waste of time.

    Someone mentioned:

    The universe is somewhere around 13 billion years old.
    Earth may be somewhere around 5 billion years old.
    In 5 billion years we developed life, and intelligent life at that! (Arguably) Wink
    that leaves 8 billion years before that.
    It is plausible that somewhere life evolved and given the possible head start
    they could have had on us, could be billions of years ahead of us.

    Much back and forth about the worthiness of the program, so I then responded:

    First of all; all electromagnetic radiation (which includes radio waves, microwaves, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays, and gamma rays) will spread out with distance and will, at some point, become too dim to be observable, so we may not even receive anything understandable anyway. OR we may have already received something (if it was in the radio spectrum) and we filtered it out, because it was merely background static, mixed in with that of nebulae.

    Even if there is intelligent life out there, (which I believe there may be) by the time we receive a message, the civilization may be extinct, or just so evolved beyond our own level (technologically or biologically) that we couldn’t communicate with them anyway.

    If there was a species out there that sent messages out into space, they would have had to do it around the same (or similar) timeframe of development that we are in. Now keep in mind, that this would be a time frame of only about 100 years out of possible thousands, or even millions of years of scientific development.

    That could have been billions of years ago. Even if they are still sending messages out… to unknown recipients(or each other), if they are even a bit more advanced than us, do you really think that they would still be using the radio spectrum to send those messages/signals? If a species did become intelligent, and it’s civilization lasted long enough to get to our level, or beyond; if they were 50 years more advanced than us(much less a thousand? Or a billion or two?) They would not be using radio spectrum. Many researchers believe that in less than 50 years we will be hardly using that spectrum ourselves, if at all.

    I think they (Extra Terrestrial Life) would have a means of communicating that is so far beyond us now, the comparison would be worse than cro-magnum man trying to figure out encrypted messages sent via satellite, with no computer. We don’t have the capability to receive such messages, language used, programming language used, or even an understanding of the means of which the message is being transmitted.

    If there is life out there, I don’t believe that we can understand there messages, or even HOW they are sending it. If we do want to reach out to the stars, we may be better off putting that money towards other research like new power sources( Zero Point Energy, antimatter, Solar Power, fusion, or a more efficient fission), or Propulsion research (Ion thrusters, Solar Sail, magnetic field engine) These would be more useful uses of that money.

    Get us out there. Advance the technology for advanced navigation, optical computers, more efficient manufacturing processes, Cryo-Technology. Once some of these are done, And with a more advanced knowledge of physics, we may reach the stars.

    In the meantime, we continue to explore our own solar system through telescopes, rovers, and manned missions. So that we can grasp a more solid understanding of the universe one step at a time, before we actually get there.

  6. I actually have an idea I have been meaning to approach NASA with, but was looking for the right time. I didn’t just want to cold call.

    By the way, did anyone get that link to work? It acts dead when I click on it.

    I have developed an advancement in displaying VR panoramas that allow panoramas to be displayed in a way that they haven’t been able to until now.

    As a first product, I took some of the Moon and Mars 360-degree and other panoramas and put them in this algorithm, and they came out extremely well.

    I was thinking that NASA could put something like this out for free, the ‘NASA Screensaver’, if you will, to remind people how fascinating Space exploration is — and how beautiful. So many times, we see the stills in the newspaper, but I didn’t really know how beautiful Mars and the Moon really are until, on a whim, I decided to look into the idea for a first stab with my new algorithm.

    I have two freeware examples of a larger product I am selling for 10 bucks. I’d much rather give it a way for free, but the processing for each panorama is not trivial and takes about a day each, and since the file sizes are large, bandwidth costs a lot of money, too. But, with a small grant, I could release the entire package and do many more.

    What do you think?

    You can download the freeware high-resolution examples at:

    http://www.19thparallel.com/rubalkhali.zip — 360-degree panorama of ‘Rub al Khali’, an amazingly beautiful Sahara-like portion of Mars


    http://www.19thparallel.com/DlDemo.zip — Crater of Clues on Mars: A better example of the sharpness of the panoramas.

    At http://www.19thparallel.com are thumbnails of the rest of the panoramas, and also a link to a softpedia.com page that verifies the absence of any spyware/viruses/adware.

    If anyone can suggest of other ways I can give them away for free and do more (there are 15 now, but I’d like to see about 50), I would appreciate it very much.


    Rob Nelson
    [email protected]

  7. A free news ticker thing for people’s cell phones thats free for them to get sent to them, through some kind of text message or something you can check periodically….also, for phones that can handle it, perhaps you could get random pictures from space sent to them!

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