What will happen in the next moment? Answer is here!

imagine we r playing th game ladder and snake,the decision is made by th dice,there exists 6 ways 4 wat 2 happen next ie the game proceeds in th 1 of 6 directions th dice is leading,in each step we r lead through only one way out of this exponentially growing possibilities.wat if v can predict the line which the dice leads???
the story ends here…
lets bgin another …
dis tym,each of us r in the game,even this universe.here no dice xists ,but a sphere of tym dsides wat 2 happen next. it turns in 1 unimaginable(perhaps) complex direction. dat ill tell u latr, it turns wid th velocity(i cant say it with th definitn of velocity even den,)equals d velocity of light(absolute value) .and each point on th spere desides wat 2 happen next…the whole space contains the sphere .sth @ th velocity f light can nullify th effect.all th photons stand @ th axial potions wer linear velocity= zero…
much mor pending 2 the solution, if u r on the way 2 find it contact me@ arlov333@gmail.com.

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