666, the Antichrist and Satan

The middle six in the numerical reference 666 refers to the evil branch of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Antichrist and Satan are metaphors for the undoing of the Star of David. Visit www.pbwmodel.com, click on the Lectures link, then the Bible Math link, and read the Bible Math #003 Lecture Summary and watch its companion video.

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2 thoughts on “666, the Antichrist and Satan”

  1. Is the antichrist a way to focus the worlds (Christians) attention on a higher being (God)? Is it a way for Christians to control world power as that power would be out of the hands of the “Church” if the word truly unites? Is it a reference to an extra terrestrial power that would see a united world (human race) as a threat and want to act against that threat?

    The idea that the word would be destroyed if it unites because it is not sharing the ‘same” belief of the Christians seems a scare tactic. What or who is truly behind this “scare tactic”?

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