Disorders lead to diseases. Main concern is Diabetes.

Preventing a disease is better than curing a disease. If not, one should have the guts to cure the disease completely with out any side effects .A disorder leads to a disease. Disorders in the body occur due to unnatural way of living, by eating processed, preserved, dead foods, where chemical composition is disturbed or where energies are in an unbalanced state. Disorders might be metabolic or genetic or any other disorders. Genetic or metabolic disorders are mainly due to loss of protein or vitamin, which is responsible for activation. It might be in lesser or higher amounts or completely lost. A single alteration may bring change in chemical, physical and biological properties leading to a disease.

A disease is a condition in the body but existing in the mind. It is inherent in deeper self, but we are not sensitive to this, so it is expressed the mind and the senses in the body.

In a disease like Cancer cysts or fibroids are seen, it might be fat or carbohydrate substance, which is more than what is required in the body, which is more in energy is forming lumps, cysts or fibroids. As fats are more in energy, it multiplies very fast resulting in lumps or fibroids or cysts. The excess carbohydrate in the body is also converted in to fat. As fats or carbohydrates has sticky nature, and if they are present in more amounts than what is required, there will no movement, or anything which is more in energy than what is required causes side effects or disorders, hard to move. The protein or vitamin, which is acid, which aids in movement, is lost, or present in lesser amounts etc. When we apply acids, whether it is a protein or vitamin in required proportions activation takes place, but one should know which acid is to be applied.

There are no storage deposits in the body for amino acids, consequently the body must either synthesize them when needed or get them from the diet. The body can synthesize 12 of the natural amino acids; but for normal growth and development, the other 10 have to be obtained from the proteins in our diet. These 10, therefore, are referred to as the essential amino acids. First identify the amino acid or amino acids, which are lost, are natural or essential amino acids. If it is natural amino acids, it is difficult to be replaced as it has to be manufactured by the body itself and cannot be replaced through diet than essential amino acids, as they can be obtained from the diet. So one should take care not to loose the natural amino acids, as they cannot be replaced easily. Acquiring the natural amino acids which is lost is very difficult, one should eat more potent food to make the body potent, and gain more energy and help in activation of organs which are numb, and help the body to manufacture its Natural amino acids for normal growth and development. Identifying young tender, fresh tissues, taking them directly without disturbing its chemical composition, or its balanced nature, where the functionality is not disturbed is required.

Vitamins are chemical bodies found in foods. They control or regulate certain activities in the body and are important for body growth. Although the body needs only very small amounts of these vitamins, without them the body develops certain diseases called deficiency diseases. y small amounts, without them the body develops certain diseases called deficiency diseases

Many genetic or metabolic disorders are due to loss of activation. A genetic disorder is something like starch, when applied to a cotton cloth is not spread evenly on the cloth leaving small lumps in the middle, on the cloth. When salt, which is of alkaline nature is added to the starch solution, before applying the starch to the cloth, and then applied; it equally spreads, on the cloth, with out any lumps. This is an example for genetic disorder. When we apply acids, which is neither a vitamin or protein or a salt, which is alkaline in nature activation, takes place, and lumps or fibroids or any cysts will be lost, resulting in activation of any organ, which was previously numb. For E.g.: Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Stress and hectic life style are one of the reasons for diabetes and it is also hereditary in some cases. The process of metabolism involves catabolism and Anabolism.

Catabolism is the metabolic process that breaks down molecules into smaller units. It is made up of degradative chemical reactions in the living cell. Large polymeric molecules are processed into their constituent monomeric units.

Anabolism is a process in which the molecules, which are broken down during catabolism in to smaller units, are utilized to form larger molecules. Anabolism is the metabolic process that builds larger molecules from smaller ones. One way of categorizing metabolic processes, whether at the cellular, organ or organism level is as anabolic or catabolic.
Insulin is a polypeptide harmone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism. The name polypeptide itself reveals that it is a group of many peptides.Each protien molecule contains specific numbers and types of aminoacids arranged in specific linear sequence. This is primary structure. The bonds formed between adjacent aminoacids are called peptide bonds. A short chain of 2 to 9 aminoacids is called peptide. A chain of 10 to 100 aminoacids is called polypeptide. Peptides (from the Greek “digestible”), are the family of short molecules formed from the linking, in a defined order, of various ?-amino acids. The link between one amino acid residue and the next is an amide bond, is referred to as a peptide bond.

Proteins are polypeptide molecules.It is hard to get the exact match of these polypeptides of insulin harmone from the diet. So activating Islets of langerhans(betacells), can result in manufacturing of insulin harmone, which is a group of polypeptides. Islets of langerhans in the pancreas which is responsible for insulin production is not active, it is not producing insulin, insulin harmone has acidic properties which should be a protien or group of protiens mostly or vitamins which helps in digestion, which helps in metabolism. This leads to many digestive disorders leading to various other disorders resulting in change in carbohydrate metabolism. Break down and building process of molecules is stopped, leading to changes in metabolism which is leading to various other disorders, and balance state is disturbed in the body. The islets of langerhans which is responsible for production of insulin(polypeptide harmone) is decativated. This might be due to loss of protiens or vitamins which aids in activation , which is an acid or due to lack of fat substance which is either fats or carbohydrates. A carbohydrate is starch or sugar which has sticky nature, which causes heating effect in the body, mainly due to carbon molecules, which causes stiffness and glow to the body. When carbohydrate is taken in excess than what is required by the body, it increases heat,weight in the body and causes stiffness to the muscles. Breathing excercises releases stiffness in the muscles, and makes the body light, helps in easing postures. Carbohydrate metabolism requires acids to break and build molecules. As carbohydrate is sticky substance,which is a starch or sugar requires acids which is mostly protien , a aminoacid, which contain nitrogen which helps in repair and building the tissues, is required than vitamins ,(some of them are acids) required in miner amounts than protiens, which cause deficiency diseases for break down and building process of molecules. Islet of langerhans in the pancreas which secrets insulin requires for activation of a protien mostly than a vitamin for activation or movement or lacking in carbohydrate or fat to produce insulin which should be supplied in balanced state. This balanced state can be observed in natural products which grown in balanced environment or if one can prepare a balanced material the problem can be completely solved. It should fresh, tender, young tissues and should not be a preserved or dead tissues etc.Likewise one can solve the problems and get solutions based on the properties or analyzing the properties.

Observe the protien which is lost and it should be supplied in balanced state, otherwise it leads to variuos other disorders, causing side effects, and problems are recycled. One can get complete uncycled permanent solutions with a balanced product. Here insulin which is lacking in the body , resulting in metabolic disorder should be supplied in a balanced state. A group of poly peptides or group of protiens which are in the form of insulin harmone lost are to be supplied in a balanced state. Islet of langerhans which secrets this harmone or polypeptides is to be activated, by applying an acid which is a protien or vitamin or carbohydrate or fat in balanced state, which aids in activation of islet of langerhans to produce insulin.

Prevoiusly insulin is extracted from pigs pancreas, which a similar properties to humam insulin, and some are allergic to that , it caused side effects in some Now the required insulin for diabetic patients is manufactured by bioengineering. The insulin are multiplied by bioengineering technique, by introducing insulin cells in to e.coli bacteria which multiplies the insulin cells and this human insulin is used for many diabetic patients.

Allopathic medicines has no cure to diabetes, it is only contolled. But in natural medicine, diseases are cured completely with out any side effects. In natural medicine there is a cure for diabetes, but should be taken at regular intervals with strict precautions until the disease is cured. Seed powder of black jamoons can cure disease completely and there are many other methods where fresh young natural tissues are used ,who chemical composition is not disturbed and used to cure the diesease completely.

Identifying the protiens or vitamins in natural products or preparing a balanced product based on the natural product which aid in activation of the Islet of langerhans of pancreas in production of insulin harmone which is group of polypeptides which cannot be accquired through diet, as insulin harmone which contains a group of polypeptides are not essential aminoacids which can be accquired through diet. By activating the islets of langerhans of pancreas, the body can manufacture its own insulin harmone,naturally, which is group of polypeptides which aids in metabolism of carbohydrates.

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