Living in Alignment With All Types Of Pollution

Living in Alignment With All Types Of Pollution
With increasing levels of pollution in the country life has become hazardous. Water, Air, Sound pollution is making people unhealthy leading to immediate deaths. According to the survey, every year due to air pollution seven lakh people are prone to immediate deaths are predicted. It is estimated that it is costing four crores for diseases caused due to air pollution. By this, one can estimate and understand the severity of the air pollution.

There are many laws to control air pollution and there are no proofs that laws are implemented properly hence this problem has increased day by day.

Air pollution caused by Automobiles, the pollution rate is 57 percent, and air pollution released from industries is 20 percent. Delhi is fourth among the mostly polluted cities in the world.

People affected by Skin diseases, lung diseases due to air pollution are increasing every year. Reasons for increasing Air pollution are 1.Crores of vehicles in our country are not in a proper condition. 2. Not using quality fuel. 3. Using 15 years old vehicles.

Urbanizing man’s water life source has increased water pollution. Neglecting water resources in villages also has resulted in toxic water.
Wastes and garbage is mixed in the rivers attached to the cities. As a result many villages cities, which depend on this river water, could not utilize clean water. Chemicals, which are released from industrial areas, are mixed in these rivers, hence the rivers are polluted. Population suffering from diseases and other disorders has increased due to drinking of polluted water. Neglecting water resource preservation result in severe consequences.

Water pollution in Thermometers

Thermometer, which is used, for checking body temperatures also cause water pollution. The mercury, which is in thermometer cause pollution. It is estimated that when a thermometer is slipped and broken, the one gram mercury in the thermometer, when mixed with eight hectares rivers, result in severe pollution. When mercury is slipped from thermometer, when it is broken, the atoms scatter and move to the roads, rivers, seas resulting in water pollution. When this polluted water is drunken by fishes in the seas and rivers leading to severe consequences on man’s nervous system according to experienced professionals. Predicting this accidents, American senate has passed a resolution to close these mercury thermometers. Using normal thermometers has been abandoned and to take necessary steps such as using medicines for reducing fever has been discussed by seniors. But in our country there are no such measures.

Detergents, Chemicals

In our country detergents are used for cleaning clothes and acids are used for cleaning bathrooms. We feel that we are taking precautionary measures to keep the surroundings clean. But the dirty water, which is obtained by using acids and detergents, is mixed in the rivers, seas and soil in the city outskirts. The water, which is collected in the soil, is polluting soil resources. Many animals and bio organisms die drinking this Water, which has become toxic due to chemicals. Hence, it is necessary to clean dirty water from cities; otherwise it may result in severe consequences and result in biodiversity.

Noise pollution: Due to Noise pollution, many people are prone to severe health hazards.
Noise out of limitations has impact on man’s brain. Mainly it has influence on many children and elders. Many people who are effected by various pollutions in our country in 36 cities, government is investing nine crores for welfare of the people in cities. Eliminating pollution and saving nature, one can save nine crores. One should remember, that most diseases are caused due to the disturbed environment. When will the government and public open eyes in this line?

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