Genetic Modification or Gene replacement should be avoided

Gene replacement or Gene modification leads to many genetic disorders resulting in various new diseases, which doctors may not recognize in future instead in vivo enzymology is best method for curing many diseases. Medical interventions to correct gene defects are likely to circumvent the complex procedure of gene placement theraphy (GRT).

While the hype surrounding gene replacement has been high, a lot of questions are involved in actually trying to work out the GRT process. “How will the information we have translate into treatment? Replacement is extremely difficult and many have not succeeded in this attempt .We have to examine how to deliver genetic material in to specific area, and figure out how it will work and what the side effects are.

Researchers and doctors are trying to examine how other genes respond when one gene is repaired. “Do they hurt the cell, do they help the cell? Studying these dynamics will enable medical professionals to evolve interventions that will help to circumvent GRT. We can use medicines to switch on and off a cell”.

An herbal drink is fast emerging as a means of managing thalassaemia , severe anemia and other genetic disorders. One such herbal drink is the juice of freshly cut wheat grass. It is helpful in managing thalassaemia. The “ green blood therapy “ is aimed at increasing the interval between blood transfusions.

· Wheat grass juice is increasing the blood hemoglobin count thereby providing partial relief from the regimen of frequent transfusions, which hampers the social life of thalassaemia patients.
· The consumption of this juice reduces the frequency of blood transfusions.
· Cancer and many other diseases are completely cured by this process

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1 thought on “Genetic Modification or Gene replacement should be avoided”

  1. I have to disagree. I think gene replacement should be the ultimate goal once we have a good in depth understanding of all molecular mechanisms involved in the process. Reliable “targeted” DNA insertion techniques should make the these therapies even more popular in the future.

    You state that cancer and many other diseases are completely cured by this process? What process are you referring to? The consumption of wheat grass juice? I’d like to the clinical trial on this…

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