Don’t make Earth, Mars

Environment is a gift from god. Due to selfishness, we are destroying it. Forests, which covered about 60% of the Earth’s surface, have been reduced by clearance from agriculture, industry and settlements. Forests cover today only 20%. Rivers are now bins for industrial pollutants. Birds like Quaga and animals like Tasmanian wolf, are now only in photographs. Here are things one can do to save environment.
we would try and plant as many trees as possible.
Minimize the use of plastic bags, as they are non-biodegradable.
Ensure that parent vehicles regularly undergo pollution tests.
Become the ‘electricity monitor’ of home and switch off all unnecessary gadgets.
Make sure that dried leaves, vegetable and fruit wastes in the vicinity and surrounding areas are not burnt in the open.
As we live in apartment, we would ensure that all residents of the apartments, follow proper way of disposing garbage.
Even a small step can go a long way. If we keep ignoring this then Earth would become another Mars.

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