HSCs do not derive from the neural crest?

In a transgenic mouse line expressing yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) in all neural crest cells and their derivatives. Cellular YFP expression in these mice was compared with desmin expression between embryonic day (E) 11.5 and adulthood.
YFP was abundantly expressed in neural crest cells delaminating from the neural tube and in all known neural crest-derived structures and cell populations. In particular, YFP expressing cells perfectly mimicked the spatial and temporal pattern of enteric nervous system development from neural crest cells migrating from the postotic region. Cells within the adrenal medulla were also YFP positive. Analysis of the liver showed that desmin-expressing, stellate-shaped, perisinusoidally located HSC were evident from E11.5 onwards. However, no detectable YFP expression was seen in the developing liver or in HSC, from E11.5 until adulthood.

Full Text (J Hepatol 2006;44:1098-1104)

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