Universe is in Ignorance, illusion – Come out of it to solve problems permanently

Environment is designed in a balanced state by god, as he has wise, balanced, non-toxic thinking. It is disturbed by intervention of man’s, unwise, unbalanced, toxic thinking. We create our own environment. We are what we eat. This unwise thinking has arised by eating unbalanced processed food for tastes. Craving for pleasures, we depend on machines, which are releasing toxic gases in to environment. Environment designed by god has no side effects, pollution and diseases problems. Everything is effectively utilized, with out any wastes. Wastes lead to pollution. For eg: Plants during photosynthesis utilize carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, which is effectively utilized by humans, during process of respiration. Wastes are not seen in balanced environment, hence no pollution. When we feed on live natural or balanced food, there is no question of diseases or disorders. When there are no diseases, no medicine is required. Industries & automobiles release poisonous gases in to environment causing pollution. Automobiles are manufactured in an unbalanced state causing pollution. Industries manufacture unbalanced substances releasing toxic gases in to environment. Balanced environment does not affect any one. Unbalanced environment is toxic, causing side effects, pollution and diseases. There is nothing like side effects or pollution or diseases, if our thinking is balanced or wise. With balanced wise thinking you are relieved out of the problems, i.e., is true knowledge. If you’re interwoven with problems, you are lacking in true knowledge. Today’s Education is lacking in true knowledge

When we feed on unbalanced processed foods, our thoughts become unbalanced. The unbalanced processed foods lead to various diseases. This is route cause of various diseases. As balanced nature is disturbed during cooking, the chemical composition is disturbed and disorganized. This disorganized food looses function. Chemical properties, physical properties, biological properties, general properties change accordingly. The composition of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are disturbed. They may be in excess or lesser amounts or completely lost, or present separately, loosing others. This is the main route cause of various diseases. These carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements when associated together in a balanced state, with out disturbing its proportions act differently, they does not cause any side effects.

Let’s look at the combination of various diseases, caused due to disorganization. List how many diseases are possible through various combinations. Once the disease has occurred, supply the required supplement which is last in a balanced state otherwise it leads to side effects. Balanced state can be seen in natural live product or try preparing a balanced product. Balanced product can be seen in young tender fresh tissues grown in fertile potent soils or healthy plant embryos. Or balanced product, where preservative is also natural one, and is part of chemical composition, when arranged in a balanced state.
Let’s look at the various possible combinations of various diseases, when the organic natural fresh product is disturbed or disorganized, during food processing
Diseases caused by excess carbohydrates – look at the multiple possible combinations of diseases .
Diseases caused by low carbohydrates.
Diseases caused when whole amount of carbohydrates are lost. (Deficiency).
See the various possible combinations for various types of carbohydrates, and see how they act, and how many possible combinations of diseases are possible.

Diseases caused by excess fats.
Diseases caused by low fats.
Diseases caused by deficiency of fats.
See the various possible combinations of diseases for various combinations of fats such as cholesterol, trans fats such as tryglcerides etc
Like wise see the various possible combinations of diseases for various combinations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
Diseases caused by excess protein.
Diseases caused by low protein.
Diseases caused by deficiency of protein.
Diseases caused by excess vitamin.
Diseases caused by low vitamin.
Diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins.
Diseases caused by excess minerals.
Diseases caused by low amount of minerals
Diseases caused by deficiency of minerals.
Diseases caused by excess trace elements such as zinc etc.
Diseases caused by low trace elements.
Diseases caused by deficiency of trace elements.
These result in various disorders, including genetic, metabolic and other disorders.

When these carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, when they are associated together in required chemical proportions in a balanced state they function properly ,they are active and they are no side effects, pollution or diseases. When they are disorganized during processing, there functionality is lost or they function differently (leading to toxicity) or disorders, pollution or diseases. When they are separated during processing, hydrogen bonds are broken, the water content is lost, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc they become concentrated, forming crystals, clumps, fibroids, blocking the blood flow in some cases causing heart diseases, i.e., clogging the arteries of the heart, in these heart diseases it is mainly fats, which block the arteries. Carbohydrates, proteins form the crystals, leading to some other diseases like Parkinson’s etc. Kidney stones forming crystals of calcium, i.e., excess calcium in the body than what is required.

Processed foods mainly these are unbalanced energies because, as we crave for tastes, we depend on concentrated chemicals lacking water. One can try preparing balanced food, but it may not be very tasty. As we crave for pleasures, mostly, we depend on machines, lacking physical exercise, we depend on automobiles which generate poisionous gases into environment, due to which we lack physical exercise and we are prone to pollution due to the gases generated by automobiles.

Think before you eat a tasty food. As we crave for tastes, we depend on tasty unbalanced food, which is lacking in water. Is the food healthy? Healthy food may not be very tasty and it is not very bad. Man is in ignorance and illusion. He is unable to distinguish between real and unreal. As he is attracted towards tastes and pleasures, he is not thinking about side effects, pollution and diseases. There is no question of wastes with balanced wise thinking, hence no pollution. With balanced wise thinking there are no side effects and diseases, and problems are not recycled. With unwise unbalanced thinking, one has to deal with wastes and waste management, side effects and diseases.
Man has introduced unbalanced substances into environment, by his unwise thinking as he depends on processed foods which are unbalanced he can try preparing a balanced food. As he is after tastes, he is attracted towards unbalanced foods with unbalanced energies. He has introduced automobiles which are causing pollution, his intelligence is half-baked, and he could prepare only unbalanced substances, invent medicines which are unbalanced which cause side effects, could prepare unbalanced foods which cause various diseases. He has low concentration as he depend on tasty unbalanced food, which is unhealthy. His thinking also become poisonous, he could think for his welfare, and he is not bothered about other man’s suffering, that is poisonous, which causes side effects.

Due to ignorance and illusion, world is not attracted towards simple complete permanent solutions; it is attracted towards complex, temporary solutions, which are recycled. True knowledge is always power. It releases us from problems and darkness. World is attracted to news such as scientists has designed a medicine through bioengineering for cancer. It is not attracted to simple permanent solutions such as enzyme therapy, which is achieved through fresh young tender tissues grown in potent soils and sprouts which provide healthy nourishment etc. In bioengineering, the genes are transplanted from one organism to other organism. Genes are designed in an organism depending on its anatomy and according to the work it has to perform in nature. In such circumstances, when the genes are transplanted from one organism, the gene is not suited to that anatomy, and it leads to evolution of several other new diseases, increasing the problems. Due to illusion, it may appear that solutions are permanent; it leads to several other side effects, which man may not recognize immediately or after few years also, that it is caused due to that.

Foundations, companies , universities encourage inventions for only material gains, thinking of material gains itself is unbalanced unwise thinking. Those who are lacking in Knowledge has the necessity of material, one should realize that. These who are after material gains cannot give quality, that only gives quantity, and one is not relieved out of problems. problems and side effects recycle. If any real reasearch is going on for permanent solutions, there is no one to encourage.

Many foundations, companies, universities say that writing a letter that your project proposal or the work is of merit, but your project is not under our norms. If every foundation and university or company says to look for other sources, who will encourage real researchers ,who work for permanent solutions. If any one,gives an oppurtunity or provide cooperation to work for real permanent solutions, there a scope of solving the problems completely.

Foundations, universities , companies are after material gains, so they donot encourage real researchers. Foundations, governments, universities , people are interested in bioengineering, nannotechnology Techniques etc.. and news such as invention of medicines through bioengineering technique etc.. where there are no permanent solutions .

Universities are educating students, only for employment, and students study only for grades.
Schools are educating students to cope up with these westernized materialistic world. Today’s education is ditiching us in to darkness. True knowledge, which relieves us from darkness, which solves all problems, is not thought in schools.

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