Transparency leads to true wisdom

True Knowledge is always power. Realized knowledge alone destroys ignorance. Knowledge cannot spring up by any other means than inquiry. ‘Who am I? How was this universe born? Who is the maker? What is its material cause?’ This kind of inquiry is referred to.” A person who thinks like this, have direct simple solutions to all problems. No research is required.

A person who withholds all his thoughts, will and feeling from false identification with bodily desires, uniting his mind with super conscious forces in the spinal shrines is impelled neither by impulses from the past nor by fresh motivations of human witlessness.

Unless work is done without attachment, there cannot be purity of mind; without purity knowledge will not dawn; with out knowledge, there is no liberation.

Work done with attachment binds; the same work performed without attachment, liberates, work performed as service to mankind liberates. So there is nothing evil in work as such. The evil lies in personal motive behind it – the desire for reward and enjoyment.

Food, water, air and other things, which we use, belong to nature. They are not manufactured by us. What we call the discoveries and inventions of modern science are but combinations and modifications of things already created, and the utilization of powers already in nature.

If food, water, air and other things in nature are polluted by the man’s thinking this pollution has affected every organism including man in nature resulting in various diseases. People have to realize the unreal and the real. People have to make hard distinction between the apparently real and the really real. He should distinguish the unreal, which is appearing as real. Therefore, discrimination- persistent discrimination
between real. The unreal is the foremost practice for the aspirant. By this he would know that the various actions and functions of the senses, the mind and the intellect, has no absolute reality at all.

If the phenomenal world is cut off from the its deluding connection with the self, the whole of it ceases to have any meaning or life or significance. The delusion banishes by the knowledge. The external world will be known as a mirage and no one would run after
A mirage when he knows it to be such the senses don’t run after material things, the mind doesn’t hanker after pleasures and enjoyment and the intellect has no more any part to play in the scheme of things. There is no further quest for this or that. The self-alone shrines as the eternal truth. It is grand and inspiring idea, which is presented to as in this magnificent.

Education should relieve us from darkness; it should enlighten us with true wisdom. But today’s education is ditching us in to darkness, it is not relieving from problems, you are interwoven with problems. It is increasing ignorance. It is after material. Do we need material? The question of material arises, when we are lacking in true wisdom. Education system should be changed. It should not focus on only one particular issues. Education system should be designed, such that it should cover all essentials of life and every student should learn all the essentials. When we are lacking wisdom, you to need invest money, to gain knowledge. For eg: Preventing a disease is better than curing a disease, A person who is shrewd, who maintains good habits, and control over senses, is free from diseases, in that way he will not invest money on doctor, in that way, question of need for material arises, when we are lacking in wisdom. Today’s education is teaching lessons as to how to deal with this westernized world, which is after pleasures, tastes and material, it can fulfill needs of this world by providing temporary or recycled solutions. True wisdom is not seen in today’s education, it can provide only temporary solutions. Students are studying only for grades and only for employment purpose; it is not put to implementation, in real life. More syllabus is covered in short time, and due to lack of time, to study the vast syllabus, and hectic life style, students prepare to study only for purpose of grades and employment, there is no time to analyze the subject in detail, knowledge is half baked. So the problems recycle, as they are temporary, incomplete solutions. As there is no time, students, professionals depend on processed, preserved foods, which is lacking in nutrients. Just think what for education is meant for? Is it relieving us from darkness? Or it is ditching us in to problems? Do we need the quality life? Then, when we depend on processed foods or machines, can we achieve quality life? We are looking only for material gains? Not for health? Just think over! Material, which is gained, is invested for curing the diseases, for recycled problems, it has increased stress. Think what we have achieved? All these are due to unbalanced thinking.

Research is searching which is already present, so, it should not consume lot of time, energy, money and sleep, which leads to stress and various sleep disorders. It should be completed, within a short time, and solutions should be permanent. That is possible for a person who with holds his thoughts, who has balanced wise thinking. He has answers for every problem. No need of research for that. Man is looking for solutions with out sacrificing his tastes and pleasures, he got addicted and became as slave to them, where there is no possibility for complete solutions. This is the main route for all the problems.

Invention is venturing and designing a new product, which is to be introduced in this world, it consumes more time and energy than research.

There are many people, who are shrewd in this world, and who has strong zeal and aim in life, but due to lack of opportunities, they are unable to prove their skills. There are many people who have solutions or answers, with out the need for research. Because of the lack of encouragement they are left behind. Such people are most important, to improve this society or world. The world needs them; the world needs real manpower. The man who speaks truth, who is shrewd, who has control over the senses, who leads a simple life are needed by the society as such persons have complete solutions to all problems. Such persons provide solutions, simply by statements; if necessary he will show you practically by simple experiments. He states some statements in his essays, to prove logically many other things. Many people may ask for proof of those statements such a literature or static’s or any research work to prove that statements. A Simple person may not have them, because no one has encouraged him to implement and to do research, but it is not necessary to prove, simple statements and simple experiments are sufficient to prove them, but no one has encouraged him to show it by implementation and this westernized world needs proofs, literature and statements. The westernized world is in darkness, in order to prove in such situations, instead of wasting so much time energy and money etc. One can search for related research papers etc whether any body has done research to support my statements, are any body thinking like me, collect the research studies or papers related to that, instead of wasting time and energy to prove the statements and come to the final conclusion of research which you want prove. That is the best solution for this to prove this westernized world. One needs the cooperation of society, to come out of all problems. A single person cannot do it independently.

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