Water –The basis of life

All matter is composed of elements, 92 of which occur naturally. Living organisms require 20 elements, of which oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen are most abundant which form macro and micronutrients of the live organism.

Carbohydrates the name itself suggests that they are combination of carbon and hydrates. Hydrates are substances that include water in their formula. Without the element carbon, life as we know it would not exist. Carbon provides the framework for all tissues of plants and animals.
These tissues are built of elements grouped around chains or rings made of carbon atoms.Sugar, starch, and paper are compounds of carbon with hydrogen and oxygen. Proteins such as hair, meat, and silk contain carbon and other elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Carbohydrates contain C, H, and O usually with hydrogen and oxygen present in the ratio of 2:1 ratio. During heating water is lost. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1. With out water there is no life. With out oxygen there is no life. With out water, activity or action or life is lost. So carbon is left. Now it appears a solid or semi solid with out water, and life is lost. If water is present it appears in the form of a liquid in many cases. Liquid (fluid) flows fast, fast movement or activity is seen in liquid where the hydrogen and oxygen proportions are balanced, that liquid has life (the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1). When these proportions are disturbed, the fluid becomes life less, and it is heavy lacking in water, with very slow movement.

Fats are group of substances that are not soluble in water. It includes fats, lipids and sterols. Steroids are complex ring structures and include cholesterol, which is used to synthesize the sex hormones. Lipids have vital functions in the cells, are important components of cell membranes and are body’s most concentrated source of energy. The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen is much higher in fats when compared to carbohydrates. During heating the fats become unsaturated and becomes life less. They appear in the form of solid, which is sticky. Movement or activity is lost. Carbon is left, which causes heating effect to the body. If each carbon in the chain is bound to maximum number of hydrogen atoms, then the fatty acid (and the fat) is saturated.
If a fat has any double bonds, it doesn’t have maximum number of hydrogen atoms bound to it. In this case, it is unsaturated.

Proteins act as energy sources and provide the body with structural materials for growth and repair and for synthesis of some hormones, cell receptors, antibodies and enzymes (which act as a catalysts). Proteins contain C,O,H and nitrogen atoms, some contain sulfur. Building blocks of proteins are the amino acids, each of which has carboxyl group and amino group. Nucleic acids form genes and take part in protein synthesis. Proteins or enzymes act as catalysts. A catalyst is an atom or molecule that increases the rate of chemical reaction. Heat is also a catalyst. We rely on special molecules called enzymes which help in align the chemicals, making is easier to interact.

Every natural organic material is a live product with combination of macronutrients carbohydrates, A group of cells form a tissue, and a group of tissues form a organism. the cells contain nucleus, in which the cells contain chromosomes, in which the genes are arranged. DNA are present in the genes which are responsible genetic inheritance.A group of chemicals form genes. A different combination of chemicals form different genes. Based on varation in Protien base, different genes are formed.DNA contains Nitrogeneous bases, which is nothing but a protien,phosphoric acid,a pentose sugar, which is a carbohydrate.These nitrogen base which is a protien is the base and foundation for the DNA.When heated or exposed to light,this foundation or base which is a protien is broken,resulting in disturbing the proportions or ratios of macro and micronutrients in cells and tissues in the body,leading to various disorders , due to excess, fewer amounts or completely lost. That is route cause of various diseases. Now carbon and nitrogen, calcium etc are left in the body. Carbon causes heating effect to the body, with out hydrogen and oxygen in required amounts. These form crystals, tumors, lumps, cysts, stones etc resulting in various disorders.

The ultimate shape of the protein is maintained by hydrogen bonds that attach various parts of the amino acid chain. These H bonds can be broken, such as by PH, heat, radiation, electricity or chemicals. When that happens, the protein is denatured. It becomes disorganized and loses its special properties. In cells, if proteins become denatured, they become nonfunctional.

Carbohydrates,proteins and fats-macronutrients and micronutrients – vitamins minerals and trace elements, zinc etc in required proportions are arranged in a balanced state in an organism.
These balanced state is disturbed when subjected to heat or radiation.

Water is the chemical basis of life. They is no life with out water and no life with out oxygen. The carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements of live product which lose water by heat, radiation, electricity or chemicals during food processing becomes life less ,as the ratios or proportions are disturbed, and appear mostly as solid, semi solid instead of as balanced liquid which has life. These macro and micronutrients which are concentrated appear as solid or semi solid and life less with out water, occur in the form of crystals, lumps, clusters, stones (calcium)-leading to kidney stones, tumors-abnormal growth of the tissue -may be the concentrated fat which is lacking in water which is more in energy or calories is dividing fast, cysts (contain air, fluids-unbalanced life less – where hydrogen and oxygen ratios are unbalanced, i.e., semisolid materials etc.) in some cases leading to cancer, crystals block the way in the form of solid, no movement or life is seen in solids. Fats are sticky substances; when water is lost i.e., when dehydration or condensation or unsaturation takes place they become very sticky and concentrated, sticks to surface, block the way. During dehydration synthesis, water is removed and a bond is made (synthesis). For eg: one can seal the cover with a sticky substance, the way is completely blocked. Like wise it blocks the auricles and ventricles of the heart and pumping of the blood to the heart is stopped, creating pressure on the heart, leading to heart diseases such as heart attacks, blood pressures etc.

Carbohydrates are a mixture of Carbon and water. Fatty acids tails are hydrophobic and heads are hydrophilic. H bonds are seen in protein, during dehydration synthesis, water is removed and a bond is made. Hence protein is lacking in water. Chemical composition of DNA is a complex macromolecular chemical compound which is composed of three macromolecules which are as follows:A pentose sugar ,deoxyribose , a phosphoric acid and nitrogen bases.These nitrogenbases are nothing but protiens.These are bases or foundation of different genes which are carriers of inheritance.The H bonds in nitrogen bases or protiens of DNA are broken when exposed to heat, radiation etc resulting in unbalanced nature, leading to disorders.Dehydration also takes place during this process.Proteins absorb hydrates in Carbohydrates as they lack in water, fatty acids unite by heads to carbohydrates, as they are hydrophilic. Proteins are acids, they have a burning and dry nature, and naturally they are attracted to wards water, as water has wet nature. Like wise, when a dry cotton cloth is taken, it easily absorbs water, when a oily cloth is taken, it doesn’t absorb water easily as it contains oil, which is a fatty substance, and hydrophobic. As heads of fatty acids are hydrophilic, they are attracted towards carbohydrates; proteins are also attracted to wards fatty acids, because of their wet nature. In this way the three macronutrients and micronutrients are aligned or united to form a network in required proportions. When these proportions are disturbed, network is broken or split; we are prone to various diseases or disorders.

Try preparing a balanced product, which does not cause any side effects or depend on live natural products, which are in a balanced state, which does not cause any diseases. They might not be very tasty, as they contain water life force and as they are not concentrated or condensed, lacking in water.

For Crystals, stones, cysts, fibroids etc. Refer to wikipedia.org or answers.com.

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