Distinguish between Real and unreal

Man is looking for solutions with out sacrificing pleasures and tastes, which lead to side effects, which are recycled. These pleasures and tastes are unbalanced energies. He shows interest in news or remedies, which doesn’t disturb his pleasures and tastes, such as bioengineering etc, as he got used or addicted to that life style which he doesn’t want to sacrifice or come out of it.

Preventing a disease is better than cure. He puts very little efforts to maintain good habits. It is in his hands to maintain good habits, which is permanent and easy solution to most problems, but he shows interest on news, where there is no sacrifice of pleasures and tastes. Tastes are nothing but unbalanced energies, which are dead and not live. They are concentrated materials, which are lacking in life force hydrogen and oxygen. Man shows interest on bioengineering or biotechnology studies, which are unbalanced, where there are no permanent solutions. He is in an illusion that it is the solution for the problem, but it is only temporary, but he is in illusion that solves the problem completely, it leads to side effects.

In bioengineering or biotechnology studies the genes are transplanted. Genes are designed for every organism according to the function it has to perform in nature. These genes are designed only to match that particular anatomy and designed to match that particular anatomy in a balanced state. In such circumstances, when the genes are transplanted from one organism to another, it doesn’t match to that particular anatomy, creating new problems or leading to new diseases.

One such attempt made by scientists previously, which is failure, is transplanting the genes of Bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis. The Bt cotton variety contains a foreign gene obtained from bacillus thuringiensis. This bacterial gene, introduced genetically into the cottonseeds, protects the plants from bollworm (A. lepidoptora), a major pest of cotton is the scientists scenario. The worm feeding on the leaves of a BT cotton plant becomes lethargic and sleepy, thereby causing less damage to the plant. This transplantation has caused damage to the environment, making the soils infertile. What about the damage to the environment? He is in illusion that it bioengineering technique is working, but side effects may not be noticied immediately, some times one may not notice it also,it definitely leads some new problem which is complex. Scientists should prepare a balanced product, which should not have any side effect.

Here instead of separating the particular gene from a bacteria and transplanting it in cotton, applying directly the whole bacteria with out separating gene from it will work more efficiently as whole bacteria is a balanced one than a separated gene which becomes unbalanced due to separation. This method doesn’t lead to any side effects or spoil the soils as it is balanced. Man is not giving importance to side effects; he feels that those are minor. A group or combination of side effects result in major problems. He is in illusion that these problems are minor. So please be aware of the facts.

The problems appear complex, when we are lacking in wisdom. Wise has very simple solutins.

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