Snake With Two Feet Appears in Shandong, China

The Epoch Times (New York): China – On September 11, 2006, Mr. Ma, a resident in Linyi city, Shandong province, displayed to the public a snake with two feet.

Ma caught the snake Sept. 10. It was about one meter long, as thick as an adult’s thumb, and with a triangular shaped head. The strange thing about it was, it had two, one-centimeter-long five-toed feet on each side of its body about 30 centimeters from its head.

After seeing the snake, Professor Cao Shandong from the School of Life Science Linyi Normal University said, it was a twin-spotted rat-snake, but the feet and toes were extremely unusual. Professor Cao said it could be a case of atavism. [Translation]
Breaking news – the above is the entire news article although the website does have a pic of the snake.

I searched Google News but could find no other reports.

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