An introducion

Welcome to a new blog dedicated to exploring thoughts from the fringes of science. My motto is “Never accept absolutes” and I enjoy both the exercise of formulating reasonable arguments for the illogical (ghosts? extra-sensory perception? vaccine-related poisoning? tune in…) and being proven right when “fringe” become co-opted by the mainstream (HRT is for sissies and the nuclear matrix does exist).

This is a place where I will formulate and share my less-than-mainstream ideas for my own and anyone else’s enjoyment.

As a matter of record, I will share that I am an academic researcher and trained molecular biologist/physiologist. Scepticism of dogma is a central tenant of my scientific belief system.

For now, let me leave off with a classic title that I keep taped next to my desk:

“If genes just make proteins and our proteins are the same, then why are we so different?”
– Penman S.

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