‘The Atheism Tapes’: Extended conversations with Dawkins, Dennett, Weinberg, etc. (Video)

UPDATE: Friday, 13th October – Unfortunately Google are no longer hosting these videos – I will look for an alternative source.

“Jonathan Miller meets up with some of the key contributors from his three-part Brief History of Disbelief (watch it here) in these half-hour extended conversations.” From the BBC TV UK webpage:

1) Colin McGinn: Jonathan Miller talks to the philosopher Colin McGinn about atheism and anti-Theism. (Click here to watch the video)

2) Steven Weinberg: The Nobel Prize-winning physicist discusses the role of science in the erosion of religious belief. (Click here to watch the video)

3) Arthur Miller: Playwright Arthur Miller and Jonathan Miller talk about disbelief and their experiences of anti-Semitism. (Click here to watch the video)

4) Richard Dawkins: Biologist Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion: Amazon UK | US) talks to Jonathan Miller about his implacable opposition to all religion. (Click here to watch the video)

5) Denys Turner: Christian theologian Denys Turner defends the case for God as the answer to the most important questions. (Click here to watch the video)

6) Daniel Dennett: Philosopher Daniel Dennett (Breaking the spell: Religion as natural phenomenon: UK | US) talks to Jonathan Miller about why people still believe in God. (Click here to watch the video)

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