Bush quietly releases major new space policy

With an almost a sneak-it-under-the-door approach, the Bush Administration has quietly announced a major new national space policy, one that promotes a Moon, Mars and beyond agenda, and addresses what is says is the need for intelligence-gathering both outside and within the U.S. Don’t go looking for it on the White House web site, or even on NASA.com. But at its heart, the policy says no one should get in the way of U.S. space assets as they carry out their future missions (*cough* China *cough*) declaring “freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power.” A PDF of the document is available here.

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7 thoughts on “Bush quietly releases major new space policy”

  1. Actually I’ve been looking for a link to register for some time now… just can’t find one on the main page.

  2. Hey, if you want to register and post comments with no waiting period, by all means. In the meantime, deep cleansing breaths, eh?

  3. Funny how I’ve made two comments about the clear inaccuracy of this post (the data is in fact on http://www.whitehouse.gov, despite the “author”s claims), and the editors do not see fit to post the comments or take down the falsities.

  4. …Science! As if there are not enough resons for us to fight about on the ground, he wants to give reasons to fight for/in space. What an idiot.

  5. Yep don’t go looking for it on the white house site:

    Because then you might figure out that my article is all spin and BS. Next time lie in a fashion that takes more than three minutes and a search engine to counter.

    He snuck it under the door so well that it hit four other internet sites before scienceblog. Reading reposts to here from slashdot (with more bias flavoring) just gets old some days.

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