Medical Outsourcing to Bangalore Torpedoed

Outsourcing of customer service and sneaker production was just the beginning; now employers and HMOs, facing crushing health care costs for employees, want to send them overseas for cheap medical care. The Times story is about how a union blocked such a medical tour for a guy needing his gall bladder removed and muscles in his shoulder repaired. The reason given was concern about the quality of care he would get in Bangalore

There are three competing notions at work here: 1) cutting the outrageous cost of health care in America 2) risking employee health and company liability 3) sending even more jobs overseas.

Either the United States has the best medical care in the world or it doesn’t. What it does have is the most expensive, and there should be no reason for companies to have to send employees on ’round-the-world trips unless they do something extraordinary to boost the bottom line.

Which, come to think of it, is precisely what this Bangalore-bound paper company worker was being asked to do.

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2 thoughts on “Medical Outsourcing to Bangalore Torpedoed”

  1. The cost of Healthcare in the US isn’t strictly all about the quality.

    Skilled Surgery can be performed anywhere in the world…

    A Boeing 747 on the other hand needs a great deal of an Industry to build.

    Now, if we are to ask if India is a viable destination for getting cheaper surgeries done, the answer can’t be more obvious!

  2. medical outsourcing will become the norm in the US shortly. Why? not just because of the savings which averages 80% but because the care is better. I have experence in Thailand where I came for the savings, but will gladly come back again for the care. Look at the numbers of people dying in the states because of hospital stays and you have your reasons. Companies are asking employees to go overseas but providing the incentive to bring someone with them, take a vacation and split the savings. It’s all about supply and demand

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