“Human Average Speed”(HAS) – what is yours?

My daughter has the highest human average speed ever recorded (by me). I propose that she has one of the highest human average speeds in human history. Perhaps there is a baby who has lived her whole first year on a moving ship? I would like to hear about that, but here is a conservative estimate of my baby’s speed so far.

The young lady is 13.5 months old as of today (10/11/06). In that short time she has made the following trips:

Home from the hospital by car: 4 city blocks (1/2 mile)

Afternoon walks: we average 1 mile four times a week (208 miles)

Airline flights:
Chicago to Seattle and back (3474 miles)
Chicago to Dublin (3672)
Dublin to Edinburgh (213)
Edinburgh to Venice (991)
Venice to London (707)
London to Edinburgh (332)
Edinburgh to Dublin (213)
Dublin to Chicago (3672)
Chicago to Manchester (3823)
Manchester to Edinburgh (176)
Chicago to Charleston and back (1508)
Chicago to Little Rock and back x2 (2592)
Chicago to Oakland and back x 3 (12,768)
Chicago to San Jose one-way (1838)
Oakland to somewhere over Colorado then back to Oakland (Midway was closed by an accident) (1494)
San Jose to Chicago (today 10/11/06) (1838)

Edinburgh to North Berwick and back x 5 (270)
Gatwick Airport to Piccadilly (29)
London tube from Piccadilly to Park Lane and back (2)

Bellingham, WA to Lummi Island ferry and back (2 miles)
Gondola in Venice (50 yards)
Lake Oushita cruising 4hrs at 15 MPH (60 miles)
Chicago architecture tour (1 hr at 15 MPH)

City bus:
Uptown, Chicago to the Chicago loop and back x 20 (208)

Road trips by car:
Seattle to Vancouver and back (234)
Oakland to Santa Cruz and back (142)
San Jose to Pacific Grove one-way (73)
Pacific Grove to near Big Sur and back (40)
Pacific Grove to San Francisco and back (230)
Pacific Grove to San Jose (today 10/11/06) (73)
Charleston to Kiawah Island and back (52)
Little Rock to Lake Ouachita and back (154)
Chicago to Hobart and back x2 (176)
Chicago to Champaign and back (270)
Drives to Nana’s from Northside Chicago to Midlothian, Illinois (28 miles) three time a month (1092 miles)

Bike rides:
Birthday ride (1/2 mile) had to turn back due to crying!
In Pacific Grove x 4 (8 miles)

Started walking at 1 MPH 6 weeks ago, walks at least 4 hours a day (VERY conservative estimate as it seems she is in constant motion) (168)

That is 42,815 total miles (almost 2 trips around the Earth at the equator as the circumference of the Earth is 24,859.82 miles).

Baby’s age today is 1 year and 56 days (421 days or 10,104 hours)

So her “Human Average Speed”(HAS) = 4.23 MPH

Beat that!

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  1. This put a huge smile on my face for two reasons. First its great to know that there are people out there as fascinated by day to day wonders as I am. The second is the simple fact that I would have NEVER thought of it!

    The Anonymous Fat Guy (www.theanonymousfatguy.com)

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