Tell FDA: No Nanotech Until We Know it’s Safe

Tell FDA: No Nanotech Until We Know it's SafeWhile industry and government officials debate the safety of nanotech, 256 popular products have already been identified where nanomaterials are listed as ingredients. Products include eye liner, moisturizer, bronzer, lip balm and sunscreen.

Why should you care? Nanomaterials are super-tiny manmade chemicals that may pose unpredictable risks to public health. The FDA is concerned about these micro-sized ingredients because their toxicity may be very different, and potentially more severe than normal-sized chemical ingredients.

Take action now: Urge FDA to request that nanomaterials be clearly identified and assessed for safety before they are used in personal care products.

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2 thoughts on “Tell FDA: No Nanotech Until We Know it’s Safe”

  1. Those of a scientific bent know that there is no difference between “nanomaterials” and ordinary materials other than marketing. Everything is made out of molecules, and there is no real distinction in the real world here.

    I think the call in this message is misplaced, if not outright foolish.


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