A Brief History Of Time – Stephen Hawking (Open Access Book)

Open access online edition (with illustrations) of Professor Stephen William Hawking’s “A Brief History Of Time“:

Book Contents:

Chapter 1 – Our Picture of the Universe
Chapter 2 – Space and Time
Chapter 3 – The Expanding Universe
Chapter 4 – The Uncertainty Principle
Chapter 5 – Elementary Particles and the Forces of Nature
Chapter 6 – Black Holes
Chapter 7 – Black Holes Ain’t So Black
Chapter 8 – The Origin and Fate of the Universe
Chapter 9 – The Arrow of Time
Chapter 10 – Wormholes and Time Travel
Chapter 11 – The Unification of Physics
Chapter 12 – Conclusion
Acknowledgments and About The Author

Read “A Brief History Of Time” Link No Longer Available (25th Jan. ’07)

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