Health Suckers

An annual “Health Confidence Survey” was issued Wednesday by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, and it found that while 59 percent of Americans rate the health system as fair or poor, 89 percent were at least somewhat satisfied with their own health plan.

Those who thought costs are too high also said their savings were dwindling to pay for health care, and 75 percent would rather give up $6,700 in wages if they knew their employee would cover that amount of insurance. Proving again that a job is no longer a career but a health insurance premium attached to a timesheet.

The most striking finding is that most respondents said when choosing care for themselves or family, they seek quality over price – as if most people would even recognize quality health care if it was injected into their ass.

Health care is different than most consumer goods or services for many reasons. But there is still an immutable law of economics: You can’t complain about the cost of any commodity if you tell the seller right up front you want the best there is to offer – whether or not you need or even recognize it — and will pay any price.

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