Hydrogen, out of the box energy

Hi, I have always beleived in hydrogen as the answer to human energy needs. However, it must be used and transported via its most stable form, water. Getting hyrogen from water can be done easily through electrolicis. I appologize for the spelling. The world thinks to much on a global scale. Proportions are not in sinc with what is needed. So I have a suggestion, proportional energy generation. The problem is, big business won’t allow it. However I beleive that if solar power is used, then any normal home built can produce enough hydrogen to sustain itself very easily.
Solar panels that convert sun light to electricity can be installed on roof tops and that power used to convert water into hydrogen. Electric car technology that utilizes braking power converted to electricity and with the addition of wind power through vent intakes within the auto mobile can alos generate more electricty to convert water inton more hydrogen while the auto is in operation can also be used to create hydrogen.

What I am proposing is creating energy in small amounts but on an as needed basis instead of on the massive scale which we have become acustom to. This eliminates the need for huge storages and so huge potential of explosions and disasters. However, it does not eliminate the need for mass production. These systems are availible off the shelf from most of todays techknologies. It’s simply a matter of application.

Hydrogen can be used to create electricty for the home and the steam by product can be used to heat the home and take the water or steam which is nothing more than the hydrogen transformed back to water, water which can be used to create the hydrogen or transform it back to a gas for combustion for the engine that produces power for the generator to create electricty and use the steam to heat a home in the winter. The steam can also create more electricity with the use of the Sterling technolgy that helps to create more hydrogen gas to keep the system running. The sun can create the rest.

In theory it will work. Curent thinking is limiting itself to consuption withoput thinking about how you can recycle what you consume. Hydrogen is not consumed but transformed in this process. The energy is a by product. Not conventianal thinking or in the box.
Here it is:

Water is h2o. That’s 2 molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. When decomposed by electrolisis you have exacly what you need to make a combustion in a gas form. The hydrogen automaticaly combines with the oxygen through combustion to become water vaper or steam. The hydrogen and oxygen are still there. You can then access it again for use. Repeatedly over and over. The fule doesn’t go away. It changes form. To get it back you just need to utilize the energy created from the combustion. Think of it as information and information doesn’t disapear. It simply changes form.

We can create ways in which we use the most abundance surce on the planet and in the universe to save ourselves. It is benign to our existance. It will not harm us. It will serve us.

However, big business and the lack of all truism in humanity will be what ultimatly destroys us. As solar technology gets better and cheaper, the key is to team that with hydogen technolgy that will only get cheaper and better. That along with something old, sterling steam power, and people shouldn’t have to worry about the most basic need in human existance, energy.

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  1. I agree totally – If you are talking households, it can be done at a local level. Maybe the rainwater/ waste water can be recycled too. I am from the central heating industry and have also been thinking along the same lines for a little while now.

  2. I have had this in mind for a long time nice to know i am not the only one. But like you I do not have the money or the knoledge to make it happen.

  3. Hi,

    I have something to pose to everyone who is skeptical of what I have proposed. When you combine hydrogen with oxygen through a heat source it combusts or explodes. The molecules combine and kenetic energy is released. The amazing thing about this process is the molecules simply combine. They do not go away or disassemble as in most things that burn but form together to make water. Isn’t this a form of fussion?
    Water is unique in all the elements because it expands when it freezes. IT is the only thing that does that. Why then is it so hard to see that the energy is still there only lock up in a water molecule. Again, I appologize about the spelling.
    Unlocking the hydrogen and oxygen again is all that is needed to create the fuel which has not been spent but transformed into a benign substance, water.
    Hydrogen gas can be made from water, and electricty can be made to get the hydrogen from the water. Having solar panells developed to make hydrogen off of the roof tops along with wind power and any normal single family home can produce what it needs. Even burning the hydrogen in an auto which also generates electricity for other functions, the engine can supllement its own production of hydrogen. Solar pannel roofs on the cars with wind generators attached through air vents on the cars surface also would create more electricity for hydrogen production.

    Its an unlimited source of energy as long as there is the sun, wind and water. If there is no sun, windor water then we’re all dead and it don’t matter. Wave power on the Oceans is being developed. Now look at that! The water and the energy from the ocean waves which are constant generating electricity that makes the hydrogen to be used by people living by the ocean. It’s every where!! We just need to open up our eyes to it.

    Thanks again for checking this out.

  4. I apologize, I didn’t proof read the post well enough. I think I’ve fixed it now to make a little more sense.

    Thanks for looking.

  5. I forgot to mention wind power. Wind power on a small scale with turbines on roof tops or other places can also be used to create the hydrogen. This techknology also shows promiss in a diferent scale because it is not currently being used in autos. Think about it, as a car travels down the road there is quite a lot of wasted energy in the wind that is created. Intakes can be used to alow the air flow to push turbines that create electricy that the car usess for power. A lot like the old generators that were on bicycle tires that gernerate power for a light for the rider. Only in stead, use the wind powerthat is naturally flowing though and around the car for the same pupose.

    I put these ideas out because I do not have the resources to create them myself. I only hope to help us out of this energy crisis. Again, I apologize for the spelling.

    Thanks for checking this out.

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