Regulating Living Kidney Sales

In Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology, Abdallah S Daar describes how our failure to regulate organ sell may do more harm than good. The full text of his piece The case for a regulated system of living kidney sales is available for free.

Across the world, paid transplants are currently available only to those wh ocan afford to pay. An exception is the Iranian system. In Iran’s model of state-sponsored, non-commercial kidney transplantation donors are paid by a government-sponsored agency.

As a result, Iran the only country in the world to have completely eliminated the waiting list. As the author points out- “Iranian transplant surgeons, who would have been ostracized a few years ago, are now invited to major international conferences and their findings are published in peer-reviewed journals.”

Black markets, transplant tourism, non-compliant middlemen…there are numerous fears surrounding the very notion of organ sale. It’s worth consulting Dr Daar’s piece for a look at the other side.

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