Exteranal electrode fluorescent lamp – eefl

Compared with CCFL, CCFL (Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp) which is widely used for LCD backlight products, EEFL shows superior performance and applications. This incredible technology combines low power consumption and enhanced luminescence as compared to similar lighting sources.

The most attractive feature of EEFL is the absence of electrodes in the discharge tube, which is the main factor limiting lamp life. Electrode burn-out is the main cause of fault in CCFL. EEFL lamp consist of a completely enclosed glass tube with external metal electrode at both ends. This design minimizes electrode burn-out and results in a longer lamp life. On average, EEFL lamps have a lamp life of over 60,000 hours as compared to 10,000-40,000 hours for CCFL lamps.

T he CCFL inverter can drive 1 to 2 lamps, the number of demanded inverters reflects higher power consumption and heat generation. The inverter of EEFL can drive many EEFL lamps; it contributes to simplify the display unit and lower the unit cost.

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