Intelligent Design Video: ‘Unlocking the Mystery of Life’

Unlocking the Mystery of Life‘ – The scientific case for Intelligent Design – is produced by Illustra Media:

“Time, chance, and natural selection. Since Darwin, biologists have relied on such processes to account for the origin of living things. Yet today, this approach is being challenged as never before…”

The video starts with the ‘landmark meeting’ held by Phillip Johnson in Pajaro Dunes California in 1993 and describes the development of the Intelligent Design movement through contributions from well-known names such as Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, and Scott Minnich.

Watch the video here

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5 thoughts on “Intelligent Design Video: ‘Unlocking the Mystery of Life’”

  1. Believing in evolution = believing that parts of the metals may become motor by it self.
    With today info,only plain believers can supprt evolution,no smart men or sincesest can
    honostly present it as truth. .

  2. Well you might find your “opposition” a little less vociferous if it wasn’t for the fact that your theory is based on assumptions, extrapolations of a narrow data base and plain straight out conjecture on how something “might” have developed. Interesting to note that the entire scientific world also used to believe the world was flat until Galileo. Men get so puffed up with their own importance and intellect they forget that they get as many things wrong as they do right!

  3. This is a professionally produced video documentary of long-since debunked arguments of famous creationists and ID advocates, repackaged and presented with a professional sounding narrator assuring the viewer that that he/she is witnessing real science. It’s not, folks. It’s the same garbage as before.

  4. What is this garbage doing on a legitimate science blog.
    Once again we have creationists trying to shroud their mystic beliefs in a veil of psuedo-science to confuse the general public.
    Psuedo-science is NON-science….period.

  5. The apparent assumption that a ‘creationist’ posted this item is incorrect.

    The ‘point of origin’ of psychological trauma lies within what Paul MacLean called the ‘limbic system’ – thereby indicating how long it has been part of man’s heritage.

    The characteristic signature of psychological trauma can be found within many cultural institutions – particularly that of religion which, at best, can be seen as an archaic form of therapy.

    A belief in evolutionary theory (as opposed to evolution as a fact) can have the same psychological origins as belief in a God – keep an eye out for statements such as “Evolution does this..” and “Natural Selection” does that..”.

    I’m currently researching the possibility of an internal evolutionary mechanism based on an extension to homeostasis. Consequently I’m quite happy to post on any viewpoint :)

    John Latter

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