Quota Zero/Grado Zero Espace

In the planning phase for the jacket, the design team decided to focus on keeping the material as light as possible whilst maintaining very high thermal performance. In this way the number of layers required is reduced in comparison to traditional equipment, which is still too heavy. A new innovation is the integration of the glove with the sleeve, thereby avoiding the problem of losing a glove due to strong winds.
The inclusion of materials that are light while being highly insulating through advanced thermal properties has made it possible to fulfill this requirement. Using thin layers of microporous membranes and wind resistant textiles, we are able to optimise breathability and lightness, which are very important for climbers who have to make extreme physical efforts whilst being weighed down with heavy equipment on their backs.

*Quota Zero design

The whole jacket is designed to fit the exact requirements needed by real professional climbers in the high altitude mountain environment. Among such requirements is the *Pro-Hand system*, a patended solution designed to protect hands and to avoid lossing the gloves due to sudden wind gusts.

The structure consists of multiple layers of fabric. The external layer is waterproof and wind resistant whilst the inner layer is thermally insulating.

The external layer consists of the following basic components: a fabric that is impermeable but breathable, with a wind resistant membrane; a padded material on the back; a stretch fabric in the lateral part of the shoulder blade; a reinforced fabric on the shoulders where the back-pack is carried; a more rigid material for the elbows; and extra support under the gloves.
Special attention is given to the impermeability of the stitching through the use of advanced joining technologies.

The inner layer instead is removable and interchangeable according to the needs. In this way it is possible to use the *Quota Zero Shell* (the version without the inner padding) as an active, wind resistant, raincoat useful in many different situations when there is no need of an extreme thermal insulation. So, for example, in the nautical sector, *Quota Zero* becomes an high performance thermoregulatory shell.

The inner padding is proposed in three different versions, three different technologies of thermal insulation:

*Quota Zero – HIGH PERFORMANCE*: this padding which utilizes Thinsulate^TM guarantees thermal insulation in extremely harsh weather conditions, preventing heat loss whilst maintaining high breathability. Furthermore, this material is very durable and soft to the touch.

*Quota Zero – EXTREME AEROGEL*: this second type of padding, which also offers extraordinary thermal performance, is made with one of the most insulating materials in the world, namely Nanogel. Breathable and light, this padding makes it possible to maintain body temperature. The mesoporous structure of the nanogel allows humidity produced by the body to be released gradually to the exterior. Certain parts of the interior of the garment have been identified as needing to provide maximum controlled body temperature, and thus have been covered with anatomically shaped aerogel patches.

*Quota Zero – BLUE AIR*: breathable and light, this padding has an extraordinary thermal resistance. It is able to maintain a constant body’s temperature thanks to its porous structure which can absorb body’s moisture and gradualy release it to the external.


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