New Unified Field Theory

The reconciliation of Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity cannot be achieved through the Unified Filed Theory as it is currently postulated. Such a complete and verifiable theory can instead be presented by the formulation of the Quantum Singularity theory of Quantum Mechanics. Instead of strings and super strings, branes, or any other multi-dimensional postulations, the simple application of the standard four-dimensional theory of the behavior of existing large-scale singularities in the macro-universe to the micro-universe of quantum mechanics produces a reconciliation principle that follows all the existing equations, including the formation of singularities through extreme gravity and the eventual decay of them through the Hawking radiation theorem. Therefore, we no longer have to rely on the theory of multiple dimensions to account for incongruities in the currently postulated Unified Filed Theories, but instead simply realize that what may actually be appearing as oscillating strings is in fact the energy being dispersed by the Hawking radiational decay of micro-universal quantum singularities. These quantum singularities form the tapestry of the fabric of the universe, and all matter and energy spawn from them. They are born and decay under the same principles as their gigantic cousins in the macro-universe of General Relativity, and therefore they are equally as detectible. Consequently, the Quantum Singularity theory of Quantum Mechanics is the reconciliation bridge between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, and can so be scientifically verified by focusing testing under the same principles as those that provide such verification of the same phenomena in the macro-universe. The two theories of the universe are, therefore, simply a mirror of each other. One small, and one large, but all based on the same principles. And that is why Quantum Mechanics is not incompatible with General Relativity. They are, in reality, the same. The only difference is in how we look at them.

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  2. Dov Henis

    “On incompatibility of general relativity and quantum mechanics”
    Dec 30, 2005
    DH, in biologicalEvolution forum.

    Occasionaly I come across a statement similar to the following one in Scientific American, December 2005, Black Holes, p.49, T A Jacobson, R Parentani:

    “As currently understood general relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible. Gravity, which general relativity attributes to the curvature of the spacetime continuum, stubbornly resists being incorporated into a quantum framework”.

    I know very little about physics in general and next to nothing about general relativity and quantum mechanics and nil about the curvature of spacetime continuum. But plain common sense tells me that the subject incompatibility problem may be a matter of concept and of terminology.

    Re concepts, the universe is not only a spacetime continuum but also a spacedistance (from big-bang point) continuum and a spaceevolution (since singularity) continuum. Along the since-big-bang distance-time axes the universe has been undergoing, since the big bang, material-energy evolutions and natural-laws evolutions. In an analogy between life’s evolution on the tiny dust particle planet Earth ( orbiting around one of the hundreds of billions of suns in the milky-way galaxy, which is one of the billions of galaxies in the universe ) and the evolution of the cosmos:

    If the Earth’s 4.6 billion years are compressed into a single year the Precambrian Era, during which first life forms evolved, would last from January 1 to mid-November, and our time, the Quaternary era, would occupy only the last four hours on New Year’s Eve. Yet the present stock of Earth life comprises modifications of both the single-cell first life forms and of the most complex recent poly-cell organisms and of a wide range of their in-betweens.

    Likewise in the 14 billion years old Cosmos the present stock of material-energy forms and of their behaviour-laws comprises modifications of both its early quantum mechanics forms-rules and of their most recent evolved versions of general relativity and of a wide range of their in-betweens.

    And re the terminology, I suggest that the term “theory” with connotations of “laws of nature” is not always appropriate-applicable at all stretches along a very long axis of evolution of the cosmos. On Earth, along the route, the continuum, between the early single-cells and the human primate evolved not only the life forms but also their behaviour laws. Likewise in the Cosmos along the routes, the continuums, between the early material forms and their present states, evolved not only material forms but also their behaviour laws, and these might have evolved in several isolated “space enclosures” in different routes.

    Thus characterizing a continuum involves not only theories applicable-proven along some of its distinct stretches of evolution; it involves also discernment and comprehension of the evolving phases of its evolution and of their integration.

    And in the case of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, maybe they need to be related to each other not via a Final Theory but via Comprehension of Cosmic Evolution.


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