Hydrogen Energy

I recommend for everyone who can’t believe that hydrogen energy makes sense and has a future the book from Jeremy Rifkin: The H2-Revolution.
Also take a look to http://www.hydrogenics.com
Hydrogen produced by http://www.hydrogenics.com/onsite/pdf/HySTAT-P%20fact%20sheet_screen.pdf
and if you are not blind or have no education you understand, that hydrogen generation is the best and shortest way to use on the other side non agricultural desert areas, roofs, windows (i. e. with http://www.xsunx.com solar panels). You get most of the electric energy directly converted to hydrogen. You can store it and convert it back when ever you need it – burning with internal combustion engines (ICE), normal engines or with fuel cells. Always less emission producing, the best for our destroyed nature. And that until the end of the planet, that comes once a day, when the sun loss the power.
How much emission is produced by ethanol or bio diesel before you can use it with your car? In the best case, a study makes clear, half of the produced ethanol, bio diesel
finds the way into the tank of cars, trucks… The other half is wasted by producing it, and pollutes the air.
How expensive must corn and all the other agricultural products get before the world knows sure that we need all possible solutions to produce renewable energy – not only ONE.
Take a look at the price increase of corn for futures at www.cbot.com as result of all the ethanol producing plants! Crazy. Think you pay less at the pump but have to pay much for expensive food at the supermarket. Healthy for all the fat us peoples that can’t sit inside of a car?
the hungry peoples of the 3rd world would stay much hungrier than today, sounds good, Make sense? No further war necessary? Forget it, please.
Hydrogen is the best solution for areas with high sun power, non agricultural areas (desert) or large buildings in hot areas with a lot of solar power potential. Please take a look to solar-thermal plants that can mass produce hydrogen you can see at http://www.solarmillenium.de/
Think or dream all the hot non agricultural country’s on that planet like Africa, India, Australia, Asia produce hydrogen that is in the future used like oil today. A lot of energy can be cheap transported with small tanks on ships.
Remember that gas is also explosive and that the world uses it for more than 100 years. Nuclear energy is also dangerous.
A high bureau building (as example in Dallas, you remember J.R. Ewing?) can produce with the help of solar film on the windows the hydrogen for the peoples cars that work their, they use it emission free inside of city’s and outside. The sun produce it, the solar film at the windows direct the hot sun power into electric energy and later to hydrogen. The rooms stay cool, need less energy to climate. Think about!!!!! Please excuse my English, it’s not my mother language
best wishes

Evaluating Hydrogen fuel is the best for the world

USA´s need to produce bio-fuels a lot of the self produced commodities that have been exported the last years into the world and that have been used as food for the world’s poor & rich peoples.
What happens if the bio-fuel industry buys all the future contracts at the market to have no lack of such commodities is clear: futures prices and price for food increase dramatically, exports decrease, the poor peoples can’t longer buy the expensive food and stay hungry. SOCIAL CONFLICTS & CRISIS all over the world, especially at poor country’s and region would create big trouble – terrorist, dictators and socialist, communists… will have much hungry citizens on that planet on side to reach stupid targets. A great financial damage to prevent & secure the civilization will cost much more money than the evaluation of a hydrogen infrastructure that can be possible also in desert hot areas like Africa, Australia, Iran, Iraq, India, and China. People living in that country’s have a chance for work! Workless peoples are the potential of terrorism and stupid politics. The hydrogen industry gives a chance to the whole world, not only to a part of. Sounds good – it’s a no brainer. California & Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best example how it should do and that it is possible. Clean air, loud less traffic, light vehicles, less transmission losses, less hunger, less social conflicts and a good feeling about planet earth. And most of all, the US based hydrogen industry that earns the dollars that the USA spend the last years to China, Japan and other country’s the USA imports goods for consume. USA hydrogen industry has the knowledge & many years of experience to build a stable hydrogen infrastructure on that planet. Let´s do it!
Best wishes

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