AIDS and pop culture

Unfortunately, AIDS and pop culture have been tightly linked. We have lost talented artists like Keith Haring and Frank Moore, entertaining musicians like Liberace and Freddy Mercury, and many, many more to this disease. But the artistic community also has responded in a very positive way. Many actors, artists, and musicians have helped raise money to support HIV/AIDS research, treatment, and education. The Red Hot Organization has produced 15 CDs dedicated to raising money for AIDS research. Their first CD, Red Hot + Blue raised $3 million, and still is one of my favorite CDs. This CD, featuring U2, Iggy Pop, Annie Lennox, and others covering Cole Porter classics has just been re-released as a 2 disc DVD set.

More information about the Red Hot CDs is available on their web site


And more information about HIV/AIDS and popular culture is available at

Support HIV/AIDS research and education and listen to some great music. Buy some of these wonderful CDs.

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